Placement Process

Getting Started
  • Become our industry partner. We strongly advise new industry partners to contact the Office of Career Integrated Learning before posting positions. It may be valuable to discuss our programs and work term requirements as you initiate the student recruitment process.
  • Post a job by contacting the OCIL.

Take advantage our placement services. If you would like our office to handle resume collection and interview arrangements for you, here is what we can do for you:

  • Collect all applications on your behalf and forward them to you as a complete package.
  • Confirm your interview candidates and contact them on your behalf to arrange the date, time and location of interviews as per your direction.
  • Host your interviews. Employers are welcome to visit the Marine Institute and use our resources for interviewing candidates.
  • Formally offer (the) position(s) to top-ranking student(s) as per your approval. The offer should include start and end dates as well as remuneration (if applicable).
  • Make student selections on your behalf. A Marine Institute committee can be requested to make student selections using criteria determined by the employer.
After Your Selection
  • Be sure to connect with your student as soon as possible. If you require the student to fill out forms or sign a contract, please relay any required documentation to him or her with specific instructions in a timely manner.
  • Prepare your student for his or her first day. Please indicate start times, proper dress and any other details that may better prepare your student.
  • Keep in touch. Placement officers monitor employer and employee satisfaction throughout the term via methods such as on-site visits (where possible), telephone, and/or email.
  • Final assessments. Employers are asked to complete proper work term evaluation documentation as is stipulated by each program outline. All evaluations should be discussed with the student in a constructive manner.