Placement Process

Placement Process
First Steps
  • Attend orientation. See Important Dates for upcoming sessions or contact your placement officer. If you are not sure when you go to work term, please refer to the Important Dates section or the Academic Calendar for your program structure.
  • Read your handbook. It is filled with a lot of great information and will answer a number of your questions.
  • Submit all required documentation. Each placement officer will utilize the orientation sessions to highlight exactly what you need to submit in order to be eligible for work term. A recap of orientation session presentations can be found in the Work Term Resources section.
Start Your Job Search

The Office of Career Integrated Learning will make every reasonable effort to assist you in achieving your work term. All work term opportunities secured through the OCIL will be posted in the Work Term Opportunities section.

Your placement officer will guide you through the application process but here is what you can generally expect during your search:

  • Job advertisements will be posted in the Work Term Opportunities section and on the boards outside of W3003.
  • Follow instructions in the advertisement for method of application and submission.
  • Be sure to submit by the deadline noted.
  • If submitted to your placement officer, the officer will forward all applications to the employer at the deadline.
  • The employer will shortlist candidates and may contact you directly for an interview or schedule interviews through the Office.
  • Once interviews are completed, the employer may make an offer directly to you or through the placement officer. Offers should be accepted or declined within a reasonable amount of time. Consult with your placement officer if you need guidance on this process.
After the Offer
  • Meet with your placement officer. Be sure to sign off on all the required job acceptance paperwork to make it official! If your employer gives you a separate work contract please ensure to read it carefully before you sign it.
  • Get your work term package. This package will vary by program but will generally consist of a placement contract, work term handbook, work term evaluation, a letter of introduction for your supervisor and a debriefing form. While the debriefing form is not part of your grade it does tell us what you thought of your experience.
  • Get to work. Be sure to note the time and place for your first day. If you have to travel for your work term, make sure that you have all your documentation and a copy of your itinerary.
At the End of Your Placement
  • Get your evaluation completed. This should be completed by your immediate supervisor. Please try to have it completed a few days before the last day of your placement.
  • Sign your evaluation. Your employer should go over the evaluation with you - your signature indicates that they did.
  • Submit all required work term documents. Please bring them to the Office of Career Integrated Learning in W3003. If you are sending your documents via mail, please use a courier or ensure that the package is sent by registered mail so you can easily track the package should problems arise.
  • Your final grade. Your academic unit will submit your final grade to the Registrar's Office. If your mark is not registering after a reasonable amount of time, you should contact your program chair for details.