Our Researchers

Research Areas:
Fisheries technology, Conservation Law and Policy, Climate Change and Clean Energy

Dr. Brett Favaro is a conservation biologist whose research advances the science and practice of protecting biodiversity, particularly in the world’s oceans. He is the Academic Director of the Fisheries Science graduate programs at the Marine Institute. Dr. Favaro’s research focuses on directly tackling the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, using all scientific, policy, and social tools available to confront these issues.

Dr. Favaro’s research activities integrate across four main areas:

  • Using fishing technology to promote conservation
  • Canadian conservation law and policy, particularly as they pertain to fisheries and oceans
  • Advancing the adoption of renewable energy and sustainable technology
  • Innovation in graduate training and the scientific enterprise

Dr. Favaro is cross-appointed to the Department of Ocean Sciences within Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Dr. Favaro teaches three courses:

  • FISH 6000: Science Communication for Fisheries
  • FISH 6002: Data Collection, Management, and Display
  • FISH 6003: Statistics and Study Design for Fisheries

And manages:

  • FISH 6001: Ecology, Management, and Practice of North Atlantic Fisheries

Materials are available online at https://mifisheriesscience.github.io/courses/

Significant Publications:

Meintzer, P., Walsh, P., Favaro, B. (2018). Comparing catch efficiency of five models of pot for use in a Newfoundland and Labrador cod fishery. Plos One 13 (6): e0199702.

Moore, J.W., Nowlan, L., Olszynski, M., Jacob, A.L., Favaro, B., Collins, Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, G.L., Weitz, J. (2018). Towards linking environmental law and science. FACETS 3 (1): 375-391.

Bergshoeff, J.A., McKenzie, C.H., Best, K., Zargarpour, N., Favaro B. (2018). Using underwater video to evaluate the performance of the Fukui trap as a mitigation tool for the invasive European green crab (Carcinus maenas) in Newfoundland, Canada. PeerJ 6: e4223.

Favaro, B., and Olszynski, M. (2017). Authorized net losses of fish habitat demonstrate need for improved habitat protection in Canada. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 74 (3): 285-291.

Favaro, B. (2017). The Carbon Code: How You Can Become a Climate Change Hero. Johns Hopkins University Press. 231 pp.

Favaro, B., Oester S., Cigliano, J.A., Cornick, L.A., Hind, E.J., Parsons, E.C.M., Woodbury, T.J. (2016). Your science conference should have a code of conduct. Frontiers in Marine Science 3: 103.