Our Researchers

Dr. Deepika Dave
Bioprocessing Scientist
(709) 757-0732
Research Areas:
Marine Bioprocessing and Bioconversion, Blue Biotechnology and Waste Utilization

Dr. Deepika Dave is a bioprocessing scientist specializing in the areas of Marine Bioprocessing and Bioconversion, Blue Biotechnology and Waste Utilization (including production of high value molecules such as nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals from marine unutilized resources , both on a small and pilot scale), environmental engineering (including waste characterization, water/ wastewater treatment, management and utilization, remediation of contaminated air, water and soil) and energy production and management (including characterization of biomass, size reduction, production of bioethanol and biodiesel). She has over 19 years of increasingly responsible experience in engineering, science, management, research, training and facilitation.

Dr. Dave obtained a Ph.D. (2009) in Environmental Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India), a master (1999) in Environmental Engineering from S.P University (India) and a bachelor (1995) in Environmental Engineering from Gujarat University (India). She worked as an Environmental Engineer (1998-1999) at Vaibhav Environ Consultant (India), lecturer and consultant (1999-2004) at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology (India), Graduate Scholar (2004-2008) at IIT Bombay (India), Research Associate and Project Coordinator at Dalhousie University (2009-2012) before joining as a Research Scientist at Marine Institute in 2012.

Dr. Dave is a principal investigator for the delivery of the product and process design, industrial and development services at the Marine Institute’s Marine Bioprocessing Facility. Under Dr. Dave’s research guidance, the CASD’s marine bio-processing research team (marine biotechnologist, bioprocessing technologist, lab technologist, facility supervisor, post-doctoral fellow, graduate students) is currently working on several scale-up projects valued related to marine oils, protein, sea cucumber extract, shellfish extracts, waste utilization and eco energy for the benefit of NL’s fisheries and aquaculture sector. These initiatives are currently being conducted in partnership with several industry partners, federal and provincial funding agencies (e.g. NSERC, NRC, DFA-FTNOP, MITACS, Weston, IBRD, RDC, CCFI, Harris Centre), and researchers within MUN’s Department of Biochemistry and Faculty of Engineering, as well as Dalhousie University.

Dr. Dave is a cross-appointed professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Memorial University. Dr. Dave is involved in supervising/co-supervising graduate students enrolled with Biochemistry and Fisheries science program. To inquire on future opportunities, you may contact Dr. Dave.

  • FISH 6001 - Ecology, Management, and Practice of North Atlantic Fisheries
  • Biochemistry 2005 - Food, Food Safety and Health

Significant Publications:

Ramakrishnan, V.V., W. Routray and D. Dave, (2018). Salmon oil derived biodiesel production using enzymes. Enzyme Engineering. Submitted.

Dave, D. and W. Routray Fishery byproducts: recovery of high value nutritional components. Reference Module in Food Science. Submitted.

Dave, D. J. Pohling, S.Trenholm, Sheila; V.Ramakrishnan and W.Murphy, Characterization and primary treatment of wastewater produced during chemo-enzymatic chitin extraction from Artic Shrimp (Pandalus Borealis) Shell Waste (2018). Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining. Submitted.

Routray, W., Dave, D., S. K. Cheema, V.V Ramakrishnan and J. Pohling (2018) Biorefinery approach for sustainable production of novel astaxanthin for feed and nutraceutical industry. Biotechnology Advances. In press.

Dave,D., J. Pohling and W. Routray (2018). Marine Oil as Biodiesel. Edible Oil and Fat Products: Industrial and Nonedible Products from Oils and Fats, Bailey’s Industrial Oil and Fat Products 7th Edition. In press.

Dave,D. and W. Routray (2018). Effect of moisture reduction and harvest times on quality characteristics of salmon processing byproducts. Advances in Food Processing and Technology. In press.

Dave,D. and W. Routray (2018). Current scenario of Canadian fishery and corresponding underutilized species and fishery byproducts: A potential source of omega-3 fatty acids. Journal of Cleaner Production 180: 617-641.

Routray, W., D. Dave, V.V Ramakrishnan and W. Murphy (2017). Production of High Quality Fish Oil by Enzymatic Protein Hydrolysis from Atlantic Cultured Salmon By-Products: Investigation on effect of Various Extraction Parameters of using Central Composite Design. Waste and Biomass Valorization, 1-12.

Routray, W., D. Dave, V.V Ramakrishnan and W. Murphy (2017) Study of drying kinetics of salmon processing by-products at different temperatures and the quality of extracted fish oil. Drying Technology, 35 (16):1981-1993.

Ramakrishnan, V.V, Routray, W. and D. Dave (2016). Bioprocessing and Biorefinery Approach for Sustainable Fisheries: In Innovations in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Apple Academic Press, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis group.