Our Researchers

Dr. Maxime Geoffroy
Research Scientist
(709) 778-0499
Research Areas:
Bioacoustics, Northward Range Expansion of Boreal Fish Species, North Atlantic and Arctic Pelagic Ecosystems

Dr. Maxime Geoffroy is a research scientist with expertise in bioacoustics, marine ecology and biological oceanography. His research aims at better understanding the ecology of North Atlantic and Arctic pelagic fish in relation to hydrography and climate change. In addition to ship-based surveys, he uses new technology, unmanned vehicles and active acoustic moorings, to study marine ecosystems.

Prior to working at CFER, Maxime was a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology of UiT the Arctic University of Norway. He holds a Ph.D. in oceanography and an MSc in biology from Laval University, and a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Geoffroy is currently supervising students in the MSc and PhD program. To inquire on future opportunities, you may contact Dr. Geoffroy directly.

Significant Publications:

Bouchard C., Geoffroy M., LeBlanc M., Fortier L. (2018) Larval and adult fish assemblages along the Northwest Passage: the shallow Kitikmeot and the ice-laden Parry Channel as potential barriers to dispersal. Arctic Science 4: 781-793

Geoffroy M., Berge J., Majaneva S., Johnsen G., Langbehn T.J., Cottier F., Mogstad A.A. (2018) First occurrence of the helmet jellyfish Periphylla periphylla in high Arctic fjords: potential ecological impacts. Polar Biology 41: 2615-2619

Ludvigsen M., Berge J., Geoffroy M., Cohen J. H., De La Torre P. R., Nornes S. M., Singh H., et al. (2018) Use of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle reveal small-scale diel vertical migrations of zooplankton and susceptibility to light pollution under low solar irradiance. Science Advances 4: eaap9887

Wheeland L., Robert D., Geoffroy M., Kennedy J., Bonnell C., Fortier L. (2018) Commercial fisheries in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. In: Brown T., Bell T. (eds.) Eastern Canadian Arctic. An Integrated Regional Impact Study (IRIS). ArcticNet Inc., Quebec City, Canada

Geoffroy M., Cottier F., Berge J., Inall M.E. (2017) AUV-based acoustic observations of the distribution and patchiness of pelagic scattering layers during midnight sun. ICES Journal of Marine Sciences 74: 2342-2353

Bouchard C., Geoffroy M., LeBlanc M., Majewski A., Gauthier S., Walkusz W., Reist J.D., Fortier L. (2017) Climate warming enhances polar cod recruitment, at least transiently. Progress in Oceanography 156: 121-129

Darnis G., Hobbs L., Geoffroy M., Grenvald J. C., Renaud P. E., Berge J., Cottier F., et al. (2017) From polar night to midnight sun: diel vertical migration, metabolism and biogeochemical role of zooplankton in a high Arctic fjord (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard). Limnology and Oceanography 62: 1586-160