Our Researchers

Dr. Shawn Pendergast
Research Areas:
Blue Economy, Innovation Management, Technology Management, Educational Technology, Environmental Technology Management

Dr. Pendergast enjoys combining his environmental science background with his extensive work experience managing technology. Dr. Pendergast primarily supervises student projects in the Master of Technology Management Program.

Shawn graduated from UNB with a B.Sc from the Faculty of Forestry & Environment Management and completed a graduate diploma in Information Technology, followed by an M.Ed at Memorial University. Shawn’s doctorate studies at the University of Calgary focused on educational technology within higher education, specifically, how new technologies such as 3D printing and the Makerspace concept can help improve student engagement at the post-secondary level.  He has a Post-Secondary Instructor Certification from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour, and is currently working on a Masters in Environmental Science from Memorial University.


Shawn teaches a variety of courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the BTECH and MTM programs.  Some courses that he has taught include:

  • TECH 6057 - Technology Enabling the Blue Economy
  • TECH 6039 Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
  • TECH 6023 Strategic Technology Management
  • ECH 6035 Strategic Information Technology Management
  • TECH 6022 Communication and Conflict Resolution in a Technical Environment
  • TECH 4014 Technology and the Environment
  • TECH 4040 Project Management for Technologists
  • TECH 4019 Research Methods
  • TECH 4040 Project Management for Technologists
  • TECH 4130 Technology Enabling the Blue Economy

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