Our Researchers

Dr. Sherrylynn Rowe
Research Scientist
(709) 778-0318
Research Areas:
Fisheries Ecology, Behaviour, Life History, Spawning and Reproduction, Mating Systems, Population Dynamics, Population Structuring, Bioacoustics, Marine Protected Areas, Stock Assessment, Emerging Fisheries

Born and raised in Newfoundland and Labrador, Dr. Rowe received a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Master of Science in biology at Memorial University before moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia to pursue doctoral research at Dalhousie University. Following completion of her PhD, she worked as a Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography for six years before returning home to join CFER in 2011.

Dr. Rowe’s research interests relate to behaviour and life history, particularly their implications for population dynamics and sustainable management strategies. Her work has centred on Northwest Atlantic ecosystems spanning from the coast of Labrador to the Gulf of Maine and has involved a variety of taxonomic groups. Her early studies examined reproductive and foraging ecology of seabirds, lobster demography, and linkages between spawning behaviour and population dynamics of Atlantic cod.

More recent scientific efforts have surrounded resource assessment and population biology of commercially important marine fish and invertebrates (e.g., groundfish, scallops), species-at-risk (e.g., wolffish, skate), and non-traditional target species subjected to new fisheries (e.g., hagfish, sea cucumber, whelk).

As a Research Scientist with CFER, Sherrylynn’s current focus is on abundance, behaviour, and life history of northern cod to better understand and predict recovery dynamics in a changing ecosystem. Some of her additional projects include examining the role of marine protected areas in enhancing lobster populations and fisheries, incidence and impacts of parasites in Atlantic cod, and population biology of haddock in southern Newfoundland waters. Sherrylynn’s research philosophy has always involved engagement with local stakeholders and she routinely collaborates with local fish harvesters and processors, government agencies, as well as other scientists based regionally, nationally, and internationally.

  • FISH 6001: Ecology, Management, and Practice of North Atlantic Fisheries

Significant Publications:

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