Associated Tuition Fees

Associated Tuition Fees
Student Services Fee

A fee of $50.00 per semester.

Campus Renewal Fee
  • Technician Diplomas/Diplomas of Technology/Post Graduate Certificate/Advanced Diplomas- $50.00 per course to maximum of $200.00 per term and $100.00 per technical session.
  • Technical Certificate Programs- $250.00 per term
  • Undergraduate Students: Unless otherwise specified, campus renewal fees are charged according to the credit hour value associated with the registered course(s). Courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated. Fee per credit hour: $16.67 to a maximum of $250 per semester, including courses in diploma and certificate programs.
  • Graduate Students: $167 per semester
Recreation Fee (The Works)

All students in Diploma, Vocational/Technical Certificate, Undergraduate, Graduate and Transport Canada Certificate programs have access to Memorial University‚Äôs Recreation Complex. Students must pay a recreation fee, which will be adjusted according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on September 1 of each year. The fee is located at

Marine Institute Student Union (MISU) Fees

A Student Council Fee of $30.00 (full time) or $15.00 (part time) per term is compulsory. A total Provincial and Federal Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Fee of $10.58 per term compulsory (not collected in spring semester). All fees are payable at registration.

Health and Dental Insurance

This section excludes international students and applies to Canadian Students only. All registered international students are automatically enrolled in the Foreign Health Insurance plan. Information can also be found at

The cost of health/dental insurance for Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Undergraduate Students is $133.64 per term and dependent coverage is available upon request at an additional cost per family of $133.64 per term.