Financial Charges

Financial Charges

All charges are non-refundable.

Late Registration $20 plus $10 for each additional week beyond the deadline to register. Students unable to register on their scheduled registration date due to a pending outcome of a supplementary exam, re-read of an exam, or verification of admission from the Registrar’s Office will not be subject to a late registration penalty.
Late Payment Penalty $15 per course up to maximum of $60 per semester or session

Except as outlined above, all overdue accounts will be subject to a late payment penalty.

Accounts outstanding on the last day of examinations in a semester/session will be charged interest which will be applied effective the first day of lectures in that semester.

Returned Cheque Charge $25 for each dishonored cheque A dishonored cheque charge will be made for each cheque tendered to the Marine Institute and not honored by the bank. Students with a dishonored cheque record must pay fees by cash, debit card, certified cheque, or money order.