How to Register

How to Register
Register your courses
  • To register for your courses you must use MI’s Self-Service System
  • To log in you will need your nine-digit student number and your PIN.
  • If you have never used Self Service before your PIN will be your birthdate in the form of YYYYDD
  • For example, if you were born on May 16, 1988 your PIN will be 198816
  • Once you log in for the first time, and every six months thereafter, you will be required to change your PIN for security reasons
  • You can download and print the full Student Registration Procedures if that helps with your registration as well
Navigating the Self Service
  • The Student Main Menu provides with a list of options
  • Please click Registration.
Searching for courses
  • Please click Look up Course Offerings
  • For Fall 2021 click on the dropdown box and select 2021-2022 Fall
  • Click Submit
  • Click Advanced Search
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and find Attribute Type
  • Scroll inside this box to find your progamme
  • There may be several groups for your programme (eg. NASC term 2 Group 2)
  • Students must select a group and register for all courses in the one group
  • Highlight a group Click Class Search
Registering your courses
  • Once you submit your class search you will see a listing of all courses offered in your programme for that semester (eg. MESD Term 2 Group 1)
  • If this group is full or some courses are full “don’t register for any classes in this group” Click the back key and select another group
  • Take note of the days the course is offered and the times (R = Thursday)
  • Once you have selected all of your courses for this search, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Register
  • Note: Please access pages by clicking through links rather than entering the URL in your address bar for pages within the Self-Service
Triple check your courses
  • You are responsible for the courses you register for
  • Please ensure that the courses you have selected are the course necessary for graduation of your chosen program
  • Refer to the Marine Institute Academic Calendar or consult an academic advisor