How to Register

How to Register

Go to

Scroll down page to Current Students...Click Student Self Service. Enter User ID (your student number) and PIN Number. Your pin number is set to the year and day of your birth YYYYDD.

Main Menu select Registration. Click on Look up course offerings.

Search by Term. Pull down arrow to 2020-2021 Winter. Submit.

The next page is Look up classes to addClick Advanced Search ONLY at the bottom of the page. Scroll down the next page to Attribute Type box. Scroll inside this box looking for your programme. For Example: Nautical Science Term 1, Naval Architecture Term 1, etc.

Highlight your programme and term and Click on Section Search at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: The courses you wish to register for must all be in the same group (timetable). For example: if you choose Nautical Science Term I Group 1 you cannot select a couple of courses and choose the remaining courses from Nautical Science Term 1 Group 2. If the group is full go back and select another group.

Every course you will need for your programme will be listed under each group.  However, you may see multiple course sections for some courses.  Please choose one course and the associated Lab (if applicable).

Please select the check boxes next to each course and click Register at the bottom of the page.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office if you are having trouble registering.

Self Service is unavailable between 12am and 5am daily. Self Service is closed all day Saturdays.