Supplementary Exam Application

Applications for supplementary examinations must be received at the Office of the Registrar no later than 5 days after the release of grades. Please read all items on this application carefully.

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I wish to write supplementary examination(s) in the following course(s)One Minimum):

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I have read and understand the Marine Institute Regulations governing supplementary examinations on page two of this application and understand that I will not be personally notified if I am not eligible to write a supplementary exam under these regulations. I further understand that the schedule for supplementary exams will be posted online at the Registrar's Office Website during the week prior to the supplementary exams.

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Access to Information and Protection of Privacy - The information on this form is collected under the authority of the Memorial University Act (RSNL 1990 Chapter M-7) and is needed for and will be used to update your student record. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information contact the Registrar, 709-778-0497.

Supplementary Examination Regulations

Marine Institute Supplementary Examination Regulations apply to students in Advanced Diploma (one year), Diploma of Technology (three years), Technician Diploma (two years), and Technical Certificate (one year) programmes. Students must apply for Supplementary Examinations.

  1. The privilege of writing supplementary examinations is limited to students who:
    • Have failed no more than two subjects;
    • Have obtained at least 90% of the specified passing grade in each subject failed;
    • Have obtained a term or session average of at least 55%;
    • Were registered on a full-time basis for the period of study in question
  2. Only one attempt to write a supplementary examination will be permitted in each subject allowed under these regulations.
  3. Students are permitted to write the maximum number of supplementary exams as per program classification:
    • Technical Certificate (one supplementary exam)
    • Technician Diploma (two supplementary exams)
    • Advanced Diploma (one supplementary exam)
    • Were registered on a full-time basis for the period of study in question.
    Once a student has written the maximum number of supplementaries for their program, he/she must repeat any failed courses in order to earn credit for these courses.
  4. Any student who has failed to complete laboratory work, workshop, or drawing work to the satisfaction of the School, is ineligible for supplementary examinations.
  5. Applications for Supplementary Examinations are to be filed at the Registrar's Office no later than five (5) business days after the release of grades by the Registrar's Office. The date of official release of grades for this purpose is the day that grades are issued and mailed by the Institute.
  6. The prescribed fee must accompany the application, which is not refundable.
  7. Supplementary examinations are written before or at the beginning of the next academic semester or session.
    • For examinations written in April, supplementary exams will be scheduled in April or May.
    • For examinations written in May, supplementary exams will be scheduled in June or September.
    • For examinations written in December, supplementary examinations will be scheduled in January.
  8. Supplementary exams must be written during the exam period scheduled for the course in question. A student who otherwise has all of his/her programme requirements completed may have up to two years following completion of the course in question to write the supplementary examination. The application for a supplementary exam must be filed within the normal application period as specified above.
  9. Failure to write a scheduled supplementary examination without prior written notice satisfactory to the Registrar will result in a grade of 0% for the exam portion of the course.
  10. A Supplementary exam cannot be written for a course in which a student has received a reduction of any portion of the course grade as a result of academic Misconduct.
  11. For the purposes of calculating a student's final grade, the grade obtained in a supplementary examination replaces the grade earned for the original examination for the calculation of the final course mark.
  12. The maximum grade for a course in which a supplementary examination has been written is the passing grade for the course.
  13. A notation will be placed on the student's transcript indicating the new grade was a result of a supplementary exam.