Offshore Safety and Survival Centre Research Unit

About Us

The Offshore Safety and Survival Centre (OSSC), primarily a training facility, is uniquely positioned to carry out high quality research in the area of emergency response, evacuation, survival and rescue. In 2003, OSSC established a research unit to provide knowledge required for informed debate and better, defensible decision-making by designers, regulators, operators and trainers.

OSSC's research unit undertakes applied research with collaborators and for clients at the local, national and international levels, ranging from developers, manufacturers, operators, academics and regulators. In particular, OSSC has strength in the planning, conduct and analysis of full-scale field trials, including sea trials on different types of vessels ranging from life rafts and lifeboats to rigid hull inflatable rescue craft, offshore service and supply vessels and large scale passenger ships such as ferries and cruise ships.

OSSC's research team understands the regulatory and training environments and has experience in the real world application of emergency response procedures and survival techniques, including the use of survival craft and personal protective equipment. Through its research, OSSC has developed new methods of measuring human and equipment performance during evacuation, survival and rescue.

OSSC has an impressive inventory of data acquisition equipment that allows its researchers to continually work in unique situations and with collaborators to plan, collect and analyse data to improve the safety for people who work and play on the ocean.