Planning Unit

Planning Unit

Planning is the process by which the Institute’s activities, including decision-making and resource allocation, throughout all levels of the Institute are aligned with and driven by the Institute’s vision, mission and academic priorities.

The Planning Unit provides information and analytical services to support strategic planning at the Institute. It collects, reviews, and uses information about MI’s programs, research and development and other activities, to get a better understanding of how our resources are used and how we can use them more effectively to improve the quality of our services.

It also distributes this information, both inside and outside the Institute, through publications and reports.

The Planning Unit provides the following services to the Institute community:

  • coordinating strategic planning and associated activities across the Institute
  • following-up on strategic initiatives within the Institute
  • preparing reports related to institutional planning and analysis
  • conducting institutional, educational and industrial research
  • compiling information on MI’s students and education and training programs
  • identifying and investigating business development opportunities
  • identifying funding opportunities for applied research and training
  • providing support for the preparation, development, and/or writing of proposals

The Planning Unit is also a resource for the Institute’s Executive Committee, schools and industrial response units in carrying out business development, proposal development, analytical activities, and other related planning activities.

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