What You Should Know

Payment Terms

Prior to being assigned a seat in any short courses at the Safety and Emergency Response Training (SERT) Centre, students must pay the full amount of fees associated with the course(s) in which they are registering, or provide written approval of funding support for all fees from a funding agency. If not 100% sponsored by the funding agency, the student must pay any portion of the fees not funded.

Refund Policy

Students are eligible for a refund of all fees paid, less the $150 confirmation fee, with seven (7) business day's written notice (prior to the start day of the course).

In the absence of seven (7) days written notice, all fees paid are forfeited upon cancellation.

SERT Centre Storm Information Policy

Because of the Safety and Emergency Response Training (SERT) Centre location, there may occasionally be a requirement to close SERT while other campuses of Memorial University or the Marine Institute are still open.

In the event of weather related delays and course cancellations, the SERT Centre will provide students with information related to updates/rescheduling via VOCM 570 AM. An initial cancellation/delay announcement will be made between 6 -8 a.m. Regular information/rescheduling updates will be made via VOCM 570 AM radio throughout the day.

Clothing Requirements

Many courses offered at the Safety and Emergency Response Training (SERT) Centre involves practical exercises. Although protective clothing will be provided by the school, course participants should wear clothing that is appropriate for physical activity.

In addition, the following specific requirements apply:

  • Outdoor fire field or marine base exercises will require the clothing suitable for prevailing weather conditions are worn. This includes safety boots or shoes, winter clothing (hat, gloves), rain clothing, etc
  • For pool/sea exercises a full change of clothes is required, along with a towel.  Please ensure to have shorts and t-shirt to wear in while in the water at swimming pools.