Our Team

Management and Administration
  • Ed Durnford, Head of School (interim)
    Telephone: 709-778-0428
Community Based Education Delivery
Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources
Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development
Centre for Fisheries and Ecosystems Research
  • Tom Brown, Administrative Director
    Telephone: 709-778-0336
Program Personnel

Roger Bath, Program Chair, Harvesting
Telephone: 709-778-0500

Lesley Bonnell
Telephone: 709-778-0307

Geoff Coughlan
Telephone: 709-778-0568

Cyr Couturier
Telephone: 709-778-0609

Ed Durnford
Telephone: 709-778-0555

Shawn Fortune
Telephone: 709-778-0382

Jack Greenham
Telephone: 709-535-0514

Susan Hann
Telephone: 709-778-0620

Ray Hayter
Telephone: 709-778-0570

Noel Milley
Telephone: 709-778-0704

Perry Morris
Telephone: 709-778-0514

Jason Nichols -Coordinator of Programs
Telephone: 709-778-0507

Collins Onodenalore, Program Chair, Food Safety and Post Graduate Certificate Quality Management
Telephone: 709-778-0349

Judy Perry, Program Chair, Laboratories
Telephone: 709-778-0563

Mary Pippy
Telephone: 709-778-0396

Ryan Pretty
Telephone: 709-778-0665

Keith Rideout - Academic Director MMS (FRM)
Telephone: 709-778-0675

Kim Robertson, Program Chair, Marine Environmental Technology and Water Quality
Telephone: 709-778-0436

Les Samson
Telephone: 709-778-0409

Jim Strickland
Telephone: 709-778-0606

Jillian Westcott - Academic Director MMS (MSPM)
Telephone: 709-778-0337