School of Maritime Studies

School of Maritime Studies Overview

Historically, shipping by sea has been the most economical means of moving goods to world markets. Today, more than ever, economies rely on highly trained individuals to design, operate and manage the ships that are used to transport materials and products on our oceans. Training and Certification of Mariners has become highly regulated and the School of Maritime Studies works closely with National and International Authorities to ensure that our programs meet or exceed the required standards.

The School of Maritime Studies provides education and training in the design of ships and associated systems. Programs that prepare individuals for entry level operational positions as Deck Officers, Engineering Officers and Ratings are also available. The Bachelor of Maritime Studies and Master of Maritime Management Degrees are designed for those who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills to prepare themselves for other positions in the marine industry.

The School, through it's Industrial Response Program, also works closely with industry to provide short courses to meet both mandatory and non-mandatory training needs. Many of these courses can be delivered off campus at locations convenient to clients' area of operation.


There are a number of centers within the School of Maritime Studies. Each center has a website that can be accessed by clicking on the links below.