Nautical Science

Nautical Science

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Hajimatt Azizan, Instructor

I graduated from the College of Fisheries, St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1974 with a Diploma in Nautical Science. As a Master Mariner I spent several years at sea prior to taking a teaching position here at the Marine Institute.  My main teaching area is ship operations and management.

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John Ennis, Instructor and Program Chair

I am currently Program Chair of the Nautical Science Program. I started the NS Program myself at the College of Fisheries, Navigation, Marine Engineering and Electronics and graduated from the new Marine Institute in 1988. I spent 10 years at sea sailing on a variety of ships and I’ve been involved in many adventurous voyages from the Arctic to Antarctica and from the Galapagos Islands to the Persian Gulf (Operation Desert Storm). I have been teaching at MI since 1999. My main teaching areas are Navigation Safety and General Seamanship. I also supervise the Onboard Training Record Books (logbooks) of cadets on at-sea work term assignments.

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Curtis Hopkins, Instructor

I am a graduate of Nautical Science program at MI and also a graduate of MUN with a degree in Maritime Studies. I have a Transport Canada license for Master 500GT NC, Chief Mate Intermediate Voyage/3000GT FG & OOW Unlimited. I have a Gold Seal Fire Fighter 2 certificate for Fire Officer 1. I am a Nationally Registered Incident Safety Officer. I am currently teaching within the Bridge Watch and Nautical Science programs and have also instructed for 10 years at the Marine Institute’s Offshore Safety and Survival Centre.

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Noman Hyder, Instructor

I have over 35 years’ experience in the marine Industry both at sea and ashore, including 15 years as Master mostly on container vessels trading worldwide. I have vast experience on PCCs, Combo-vessels and Bulk Carriers. I hold both U.K. and Canadian Master Mariner Certifications. I have been a P&I surveyor, pre-purchase inspector and also have been a Ship Manager, Port Captain as well as experience as a ship agent. Currently teaching the SEN-1 course and Navigation.

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Glen Kearney, Instructor

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Philip Martin, Instructor

I hold a Master Mariner Certificate of Competency issued by Transport Canada. The most of my sea going career was on tankers sailing as far north as Grise Fjord, south to Venezuela and in the Persian Gulf. I am currently teaching and developing short industry courses as required by Transport Canada and individual client needs.

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James R. Parsons, Instructor

I am a graduate of the University of Plymouth, Maine Maritime Academy, Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Toronto with degrees in maritime management, economics, business and education. I hold a valid master mariner foreign-going licence from Transport Canada and have designations in risk management, project management and insurance. I have worked at sea on numerous vessel types in a global trade in all ranks, and ashore as a marine consultant. My current teaching is centered on maritime economics and risk management and my research interests are in maritime transportation in Arctic waters. I am involved and work with Transport Canada, the Transportation Appeals Tribunal of Canada, the Auditor General of Canada, the Nautical Institute, the Company of Master Mariners of Canada and NATO.

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Sean Sheppard, Instructor

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Kent Waddleton, Instructor

I graduated the Nautical Science Program at the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland and hold a Master Mariners certificate of competency from Transport Canada. My seagoing experience has been on Self Unloading Bulk Carriers, Geared Bulk Carriers, Oil Tankers, General Cargo and Coast Guard ships. I have been teaching at MI since 2014, I currently teach Cargo Operations and Seamanship in the Nautical Science program as well as Cargo 2 and 3 online for those preparing for Transport Canada examinations.

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