Technical and Academic Subjects

Technical and Academic Subjects

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Paul Bishop, Instructor

I graduated from the Marine Engineering Program in 1996. The program helped me to realize my true passion of machining and industrial manufacturing. I received a Journeyman Machinist Certificate in 2001. I have worked in various machine shops on the Avalon Peninsula including Memorial University with both manual and CNC machines. Since 2009, I have taught with the College of the North Atlantic in Qatar and St. John’s before joining the Marine Institute faculty.

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Diane Brake, Instructor

I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts as well as Master of Education degrees. Prior to becoming an instructor at MI, my work experience involved secondary and adult basic education within the culturally rich Newfoundland aboriginal environment. In 1991, I began working at MI where my teaching focus has been in mathematics and communication skills and spans both the certificate and diploma level programs. As well, I facilitate online courses focused on report writing in both the BTECH and BMS degree programs.

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Harvey Brown, Instructor

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Darryl Budgell, Instructor

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Chris Callahan, Instructor

I have degrees in both Mathematics and Education from Memorial University and have worked at MI for 15 years. I also Chair the Technician Training Program offered through the Department of National Defense. I have taught at the postsecondary level for almost 20 years on such topics as precalculus, calculus, finite and discrete mathematics, linear algebra, vector calculus, differential equations and statistics. My academic interests include the pedagogy of mathematics education as well as number and chaos theory.

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Adam Courage, Instructor

I am a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland with a B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering) and M.A.Sc. (Environmental Engineering). I worked at Marine Institute since 1997 and I also spent six years with consulting companies in St. John’s, Newfoundland. My main teaching areas relate to Fluid Mechanics, Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Engineering Materials, Environmental Assessment and Marine Pollution.

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John Cross, Instructor

I graduated from Georgian College with a diploma (Marine Navigation) subsequently working on both bulk carriers and oil tankers. I became interested in engineering and received a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University and then an M.Eng. in Ocean Engineering from Memorial. After working in both the private sector and government for several years I joined MI where I teach in the diploma, bachelor and master’s programs. My current interests are in technology in the classroom and autonomous vehicles.

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Shelly Curtis, Instructor

I graduated the Naval Architecture program in 1991. Since then I have completed the Technical and Vocational Instructor Certificate, as well as the Bachelor of Technology and Masters in Technology Management degrees from Memorial University. I have been the lead Engineering Drawing/CAD instructor with the School of Maritime Studies since 1994, and teach students in the Naval Architecture, Marine Systems Design, Marine Engineering, Nautical Science, Food Technology and Marine Environmental diploma programs.

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Ann Harris, Demonstrator

I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Education degrees. I began working at MI in 2000 as a physics lab demonstrator where I have worked closely with the instructors to develop lab experiences that complement the classroom lectures and reinforce physics concepts.

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Chris LeDrew, Instructor

I am a graduate of Memorial University with a Masters in English Language and Literature. I have been teaching communications and English-based courses at the post-secondary level since 2007, and I began teaching Communication Skills with SMS at Marine Institute in Fall 2011. I also teach courses for the Btech and BMS programs. My teaching focus at MI is primarily in instruction and assessment of technical documents with regard to writing skills, prescribed structure, and strength/specificity of content.

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Christopher McCulloch, Instructor

I am a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University and Memorial University of Newfoundland, with an educational focus on professional  writing (business and technical reporting). I am a regular instructor in the Bachelor of Technology Technical Project and Report courses offered online, as well as an instructor at various levels in the classroom. I have been privileged to serve on the Paper Committees for both the IAMU 2012 and IMLA 2013 conferences held at the Institute, and also represented the School of Maritime Studies as one of several delegates from the Marine Institute to the ACCC conference held in Edmonton, Alberta in 2011.

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Merv Marshall, Instructor

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Aaron Peach, Instructor

I teach technical communications at MI for the BMS and BTECH degree programs and various diploma programs. I studied at the University of Toronto (MA) and Memorial University of Newfoundland (BA). Prior to working with MI, I taught with Memorial’s Department of English Language and Literature for four years and also worked on various provincial government/Memorial University research and cultural projects as a researcher/writer.

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Jason Pelley, Instructor

I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees. I began working at MI in 1995 where my teaching focus has been in mathematics and physics and spans both the certificate and diploma level programs. As well, I have been involved with various committees and the faculty advisor program.

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Barry Stone, Instructor

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John Tucker, Instructor

I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a Master’s degree in Ocean Engineering. My work experience includes the oil industry as well as government, but I came to the MI from the Faculty of Engineering. I now teach mechanical engineering courses in the SMS and in the BTech. In recent years I have been working and publishing on development and application of e-learning technologies and methods.

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Dave Woolridge, Instructor

I graduated from MUN BSc. 94, BEd. 95, MEd. 00. I have been with the Marine Institute since 1991, expect for a brief time teaching at CNA in the mid 90s.

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