Research Facilities

Research Facilities

The School of Ocean Technology develops and delivers education and training and applied research and development programs in various aspects of ocean technology. To do so, the School works collaboratively with the world-class expertise and facilities found throughout the Marine Institute.

These include:

Acoustics Tank

The facility includes a rectangular concrete water tank 4.0 m deep, 4.0 m wide, and 5.5 m long containing 88,000 litres of water. The tank is used for transducer development, materials, and flow noise studies in addition to structural acoustics.

Flume Tank

The Marine Institute is home to the world’s largest flume tank. This facility is used to carry out performance evaluations, gear tests and other observations on newly developed or existing fishing gears and other related equipment in simulated underwater and near surface conditions.

Underwater Cameras/Camera Systems and Remotely Operated Vehicles

SOT has access to a number of cameras available for underwater video collection for both field work and tank projects. SOT also has a  variety of small work class remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for training and observation.