Health and Wellness

Recreation and Fitness Office

The purpose of Recreation Services is to ensure all areas of the Marine Institute receives full access to a variety of recreational activities and programs organized by the recreation personnel. Its primary responsibility is to provide, co-coordinate and operate all intramural programs.

Recreation Services consists of three main areas:

  • Intramurals
  • Varsity
  • Fitness/Health

Involvement in any aspect of the program is strictly voluntary. Fitness and strength programs are completed on request.

Also, fitness and lifestyle appraisals are performed at no cost to the individual. Facility rentals are also available upon request. Intramurals is the main focus for recreation personnel.

Participation of students, staff and faculty makes for an entire intramural program ranging from golf, floor hockey, darts, etc. All activities are organized throughout the academic year. Information is always posted on bulletin boards within the school of upcoming events.

Varsity program usually consists of Volleyball and Basketball. Both of these teams are selected from several try-outs at the beginning of the semester. Both teams compete in their respected divisions within the city leagues.

  • Golf - September 14
  • Floor Hockey - September 16
  • Softball - September 20/21
  • Basketball - October 14
  • Ice Hockey - October 18/19
  • Table Tennis - November 12
  • Volleyball - January 13
  • Darts - January 13
  • Soccer - February
  • Badminton - February
  • Paddle Tennis - March
  • Crib - March
  • Basketball Tournament 3 on 3 - October
  • Volleyball Tournament 3 on 3 - October
  • Basketball Tournament - November
  • Floor Hockey Tournament - November
  • Volleyball Tournament - January

All inquiries for gym rentals and interest in tournaments must be directed to Rose Hatfield 709-778-0455 or