Writing Centre Policies and Guidelines


The facilitators at the MI Writing Centre will help you recognize where your writing needs improvement and suggest writing and editing strategies. Facilitators will also address your writing questions/concerns or provide brief tutorials on writing concepts.

However, facilitators DO NOT proofread/edit your work, suggest content changes, or tutor on assignment content.

Note: Facilitators of the MI Writing Centre adhere to a strict policy of non-interference in student-instructor relations:

  • Writing Centre facilitators do not appraise comments and/or the grade on a marked paper, nor do they advocate on your behalf
  • Writing Centre facilitators do not fulfill the duties of instructors. Questions about course content should be directed to you instructor(s)
  • Although faculty members facilitate the Writing Centre, appointments are only for writing consultation. Other course-related issues must be addressed outside of Centre hours
  • Appointments are 30 minutes maximum. If you are late, the amount of time missed is deducted from your appointment
  • At present, you are limited to one appointment per week
  • Hard (paper copy) of your work is required
  • For upcoming assignments, you must leave enough time to revise the work after your consultation
  • Changes to work based on consultations rests with you
  • Only one session per term can be used for application/resume consultation
  • Take-home examinations are exempt from consultation
  • For group work, facilitators will only help you with your allocated section(s)