From Jamaica to the Grand Banks

From Jamaica to the Grand Banks

Whether it’s sailing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or navigating the rocky coastline off Newfoundland and Labrador, there’s a powerful force within the ocean and it’s one that Tevin Plummer has been drawn to for some time now.

A second year nautical science student, Mr. Plummer grew up on the Island of Jamaica and moved to St. John’s, NL in 2013 to start the nautical science program at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University.

“I had spent two years studying at the Caribbean Maritime Institute of Jamaica and knew that I wanted a career on a vessel,” said Mr. Plummer. “However, the timing just wasn’t right and I had to finish up to focus on helping to support my family.”

Not long after, when the time was right, he once again began looking into post-secondary institutions that could help him work towards his seafaring career goals. After researching and applying to several, both in the United States and Canada, he chose MI and made the decision to move thousands of miles from home to focus on completing his education.

“I found that the program structure was much more directive than other places that I looked into,” said Mr. Plummer. “The small campus was also something that interested me.”

Now that he’s here, Tevin enjoys the family-feel of MI. “I’m not just a number here. The faculty are very accessible and I can talk to them at any time,” he said.Tevin Plummer

Mr. Plummer is very involved in the MI community and volunteers for on-campus activities such as the career fair. He also takes part in the annual Nautical Skills Competition, hosted by the Company of Master Mariners of Canada NL Division and is actively involved in MI International – the focal point for international initiatives at the Institute.

He is in high academic standing and his efforts are being recognized externally. This past December, he became the first recipient of Atlantic Towing’s newly established scholarship valued at $1000.

The scholarship is presented to an individual who has completed a successful work term with the company and has solid academic standing. Mr. Plummer worked as a navigation cadet with Atlantic Towing during the summer of 2014 on the Atlantic Kestrel.

Building on his success with Atlantic Towing, the company has offered Mr. Plummer the opportunity to complete his second work term with them as well – which speaks volumes to his work ethic and skill level.

“I really enjoyed working with Atlantic Towing and in the offshore environment,” continued Mr. Plummer. “It was a great opportunity to put everything I had learned into action and I am looking forward to my next term with the company.”

Mr. Plummer attributes his achievements to his greatest support – his mother. “I am thankful for her involvement and continuous support of my education,” he said. “She is helping me to realize my goals and I am committed to making her proud.”

Tevin has not been home to Jamaica since starting at MI and would like to have a career in the Canadian offshore. His future goal is to work for Atlantic Towing and there is no doubt he is charting the right course.