Full Mission Ship's Bridge Simulator

Full Mission Ship's Bridge Simulator Full Mission Ship's Bridge Simulator

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Facility Location : Ridge Road campus, St. John's

Originally commissioned in 1994 and upgraded in 2020, this simulator is used to replicate operations conducted on a ship's navigation bridge in any sea state and conditions. The simulator is mounted on a six degree of freedom (DOF) aviation motion base and is one of two full-motion ship's bridges in CMS. The Full Mission Bridge Simulator is integrated with the Offshore Operations simulator, the Heritage Bridge Simulator and the Full Mission Propulsion Plant Simulator for combined personnel  and operations exercises. In addition to navigation and ship maneuvering training this simulator is also extensively used in our industrial and applied research projects.

Features of this simulator include:

  • Simulation software - Kongsberg KSIM version 8
  • Motion platform - CAE 6 DOF platform
  • Visual system - Christie Digital Matrix 3000 Projection System, 10 metre radius screen, 360 degree horizontal and 40 degree vertical field of vision
  • Emulated Navigation systems
  • Rutter Technologies ice radar display
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) charting system
  • In-house hydrodynamic and geographical database modelling capabilities
  • Fully integrated with Kongsberg KPOS dynamic positioning system version 8
  • Custom interface for independent control of motion platform
  • Kongsberg Hydrodynamic Modelling Tool (HDMT) system
  • Full data capture, including video, sound and histo-graphic display of helm and engine orders