Tug Simulator

Tug Simulator Tug Simulator

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Facility Location : Ridge Road campus, St. John's

Commissioned in 2011, the Tug simulator is used to replicate operations on the bridge of a Voith Schneider or conventional Azimuth drive tug. Fitted with realistic equipment and a visualization system, the tug simulator is integrated with the CMS Full Motion Bridge to allow for interaction between vessel to recreate towing, escort or ship to ship interaction.

Features of this simulator include:

  • Simulation software - Kongsberg Polaris Version 7.2
  • Specialized Voith Schneider operating system
  • Winch Control and hawser tension display
  • Visual system - three channel LCD flat panels, 120 degree horizontal field of vision
  • Emulated Kongsberg Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) radar
  • Chart tables with emulated navigation equipment
  • CNS systems Electronic Chart System (ECS)
  • In-house hydrodynamic and geographical database modelling capabilities