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Welcome to the Marine Institute. We're a world-leading centre for ocean-related career education and research.Future Students View Book Recruitment Marine Institute

At MI, you can expect a hands-on experience that prepares you for the career of a lifetime.

Save the world? We'll get you on track to become a guardian of the world's waterways and coastal zones.

See the world? Start here and prepare for a life aboard a ship as a captain or marine engineer.

We'll take you to the bottom of the ocean and above the Arctic Circle. Piloting remotely operated vehicles - the only program of its kind in Canada - is just one of the things we teach.

Step inside our marine simulator and you're onboard ships anywhere in the world.

A cutting-edge education from Marine Institute is one of the most affordable in Canada and gives you credentials that are recognized around the globe.

Learn here and watch a world of opportunities open up.