News - NL VaxPass at Marine Institute

NL VaxPass at Marine Institute

Sunday, October 24, 2021, 12:17 pma, NDT

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has introduced the NL VaxPass.

Some activities at Memorial now require COVID-19 vaccination record checks for an individual’s access to venues or spaces. More information on the provincial program, guidance and requirements are available online. You can also learn more about downloading the VaxPass here.

VaxPass use

When the NL VaxPass is required individuals should be aware that testing exemptions are not accepted and only Health Canada approved vaccines are approved under the NL VaxPass program.

In accordance with the NL Vaccine Passport, fully vaccinated is defined as: when at least two weeks have passed since an individual’s second dose, or first dose of a one-dose COVID-19 vaccine, of an approved Health Canada vaccine.

You are also considered fully vaccinated if you received one or two doses of a non-Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine, followed by one dose of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), and at least two weeks has passed since the mRNA dose. Memorial will be updating its current vaccination procedure to align with Public Health advice.


Individuals who do not have an MCP card cannot obtain a COVID-19 vaccination record QR code at this time.  Individuals in this circumstance would need to use physical or electronic copy of vaccine records along with a photo identification or two pieces of other identification.

Effective as of Oct 22, 2021, Marine Institute employees and students are required to show their VaxPass or proof of vaccination along with identification to access the Marine Institute cafeteria as well as the gymnasium.

You will not be required to show the VaxPass to access the Marine Institute bookstore or the bus service.

Individuals participating in a short term course, or industry courses that are non-credit courses, are required to show proof of vaccination, or a PCR test result within 72 hours of the start of the course (at the individual’s expense), and meet the requirements of Memorial University’s COVID-19 testing program.

Additional identification required

When checking the NL VaxPass, paper or electronic copies of vaccine records, additional identification is required. Your name on your identification must match the name on your proof of vaccination. If it does not, a second piece of identification may be required.

Acceptable identification to confirm the name on the vaccine record is:

Age GroupID requirementsExamples

One piece with name, date of birth, and photo


Two pieces with name and date of birth

  • Driver’s license
  • Government Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status
  • Student identification (ID) card
  • Birth certificate and MCP Card
Name, date of birth
  • Birth certificate
  • MCP Card
  • Photo identification noted above 

Food services

It is the food vendor’s responsibility at the time of order, to confirm that vaccine requirements have been met. Vaccine requirements may be checked at the entry point of a facility.

Need help?

For the best advice and help with downloading the NL Vaccine Passport visit this government website for guidance.

This is a fluid and dynamic situation, and policy is still being developed and implemented for the province and the university. This information is subject to change based on public health, special measures orders, epidemiology and the risk of COVID-19.