Research at MI

Research at MI

The Marine Institute works closely with industry to answer research questions of importance to the economic development of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our Office of Research and Development is available to assist Marine Institute researchers and our industrial clients.

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MI Research Activity Requests

The Marine Institute will implement its own processes for approvals of research activities for the duration of the pandemic.

Based on the direction of the Vice-president, Memorial University (Marine Institute) or designate, Schools Heads will review and approve MI Research Activity Requests. Where necessary, Memorial’s Office of the Vice-President (Research) will be informed of requests.

Approvals are only provided if they meet the requirements of essential, time sensitive or critical research.

Schools Heads must coordinate their requests with the MI’s Associate Vice-president (Academic and Research) and Facilities and Technical Services and Building Access Committee.

To make a MI Research Activity Request:

If approved to access campus, please ensure you:

  • Complete Memorial’s COVID-19 awareness training
  • Complete the Daily self-assessment in the MUN Safe app
  • Swipe your Electronic Key FOB in the main lobby for contact tracing
  • Wear a 3-ply non-surgical mask
  • Adhere to all health and safety regulations, building access requirements and posted signage
  • Maintain physical distancing, wash and/or sanitize your hands often, and only access areas that are open
  • Avoid socializing with others during your time on campus
Electronic Key Fobs

Researchers must request an Electronic Key FOB from your School Head if you have not already received one.

Library Services

For further information about library services, the library can be reached by email or visit