Parking permits for the upcoming year are now available at

Parking permits for 2020/21 are being sold at $0. Permits are already on a hanger. If you have a second or subsequent vehicles, please make sure those vehicles are registered in our system as well. You must show your registration for the vehicle when picking up a permit.

Please complete the on-line application and then see the Cashier’s Office to pick up your permit starting January 4, between 8:30 to 3:30 daily.

Only one person is allowed in the cashier’s office (C2210) at a time to show their registration and pick-up their permit. Please ensure you follow public health guidelines and wear a mask, keep the 2m social distancing, and remain behind the Plexiglas barriers. Due to the volume of permits being issued we cannot schedule appointments for pick-up, therefore when you arrive at the Cashier’s office, please avoid line-ups and congregation as part of the community effort to ensure social distancing. There are floor markings for short lines, distanced apart. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Ticketing and enforcement on the M4 lot (first 19 spaces in front of the Ridge Road building to the crosswalk) is on-going. Ticketing and enforcement of M1 will be begin January 25th.