International Students

International Students

International Students at the Marine Institute are supported by the MI International Office (MII), in coordination with MI’s Academic and Student Affairs and Memorial University’s Internationalization Office (IO).

International Applicants

Can I apply for a program starting in the 2020-2021 academic year?

While the institution has extended the application deadlines for some programs, many of our programs only have Fall/September intakes. Many of our programs also have in-person training requirements that require students to travel to our campus when on-campus instruction resumes.

International applicants should review the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website regarding how the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is affecting immigration, refugees, citizenship and passport services concerning international students:

The Marine Institute also offers ONLINE ONLY programs that do not require students to be on campus and can be completed entirely online anywhere in the world. Participation in these programs are not affected by immigration regulations and processes. They also often have multiple intakes in a year.

For the full list of programs offered by the Marine Institute Campus, please visit:


How can I apply and what documents are required?

As we offer a wide range of programs, the documents require would differ from program to program. Generally, students are required to submit an online application, a non-refundable application fee, and supplementary documents (including official academic transcripts and proof of English language proficiency).

Undergraduate Diploma/Certificates, Advanced Diploma and Post-graduate Certificate program applicants, please contact or for further information.

Bachelor degree program applicants, please visit:

Graduate Diploma, Master’s and PhD program applicants, please visit:

International Students (New and Returning) - Fall 2020

Information for international students at Memorial University can be found on the Internationalization Office (IO) website:


Can I travel to Canada for my studies in Fall 2020?

If you are a new or a returning international student interested in travelling to Canada this fall, the Internationalization Office (IO) can provide you with advice related to your travel. Do not book travel until you have been in contact with the IO. It is important that you have:

  • proper advice on travel exemptions to enter Canada,
  • advice on how to obtain a travel exemption to enter NL and,
  • advice on the supports available during the mandatory 2 week self-isolation.

 Please visit and follow the steps to complete a form to get advice on your travel plans.


Can I study remotely for Fall 2020? 

For online programs that are offered entirely online, you are expected to study online. These programs are: Quality Management (Post-Graduate Certificate), Master of Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management), Master of Maritime Management, Master of Technology Management (Engineering Technology and Applied Science).

For on-campus programs, they will be offered through remote delivery platforms in Fall 2020. International students have been advised to apply for the appropriate immigration documents upon admission. If you are not able to do so by September 15, you are advised to defer to a later start date. Please note that if you begin studying remotely without a study permit or study permit approval, there is a possibility that you may not be able to come to Canada to complete your studies upon the resumption of on-campus courses.

For programs that are offered online with in-Canada components, they will also be delivered remotely this fall. International students should apply for immigration documents for the in-Canada portion EARLY. Failure to secure the appropriate immigration documents may lead to significant delay or inability to complete these programs.

You may also wish to consider the following when deciding whether to study remotely or not: Post Graduate Work Permit (for further advice and other immigration related questions, please consult the IRCC website or contact the immigration advisors at Memorial), access to internet and technology, family responsibilities, finances etc.


Can I secure On-Campus housing for Fall 2020?

Students requiring accommodations for any reason are welcome to apply for Student Residences at Memorial University this fall. Unfortunately, due to reduced capacity, they cannot guarantee accommodation for everyone who may require it. For additional information and updates, please visit their website:

International students should connect with the Internationalization Office (IO) regarding travelling to the province for the fall semester. It is the responsibility of students to have an isolation plan in place.


What are my fees and how can I pay them?

 For Fall 2020, Memorial’s Board of Regents has approved the suspension of two student fees. Students will not be charged the Distance Education Administration Fee and Recreation Fee for the semester.

Fee details can be found at the links below:

Undergraduate Diploma/Certificates, Advanced Diploma and Post-graduate Certificate program students, see:

Bachelor degree program students, see:

Graduate Diploma, Master’s and PhD program students, see:

Fees can be paid from overseas using a MasterCard or Visa Credit Card via Self-Service, or wire transfer via GlobalPay. For details of payment methods, please visit:

Please ensure you pay your fees by the first day of class. For Fall 2020, the date is September 9, 2020. A late payment fee will apply after which date. For important dates and deadlines, please visit:

If you are unsure whether you will be joining the Marine Institute, we advise you to not pay your fees in advance.


As an international graduate student, I am expecting funding from the university. How will I get paid if I am studying remotely?

Memorial will maintain its commitment to graduate student funding. For graduate students who are international students but residing in Canada with a Canadian Social Insurance Number, funding and graduate assistantships will be paid in the normal way.

For international graduate students who are starting their programs remotely outside of Canada and without a Social Insurance Number, graduate funding will be paid directly into their student account on a biweekly basis. This will ensure graduate students are not accruing fees while pursuing their programs. When at a later date it is possible to arrive in St. John’s to complete their programs, those graduate students will be issued the remaining funds owing for the academic year (these funds cannot be released any earlier). Whenever possible, graduate assistantships (i.e., employment) will be reserved for international students for later in their programs. If the graduate assistantship is not possible, this amount will be paid as a fellowship later in the program.

Additional information for international graduate students can be found on the School of Graduate Studies’ Resources for Graduate Students page:


Do I need to provide a medical for my program and how do I go about it?

Programs that require a Transport Canada Medical: Marine Engineering, Nautical Science, Marine Environmental and Ocean Mapping (Diploma of Technology)
Programs that require a CAPP Medical: Remote Operated Vehicles and Underwater Vehicles

While these medicals have to be completed by an authorized physician when you come to Canada, we are recommending that you have a general medical completed in your home country to ensure there are no major medical issues that will inhibit the completion of your program. Failure in passing the required medical once you arrive in Canada will affect progression in your program.

In addition, if you have work term(s) you should obtain a Certificate of Conduct/Police Record Check in your home country, as your work term employer may request it. Nautical Science and Marine Engineering students will also need to obtain a Seaman’s Discharge Book/Service Book/Record Book from your home country prior to coming to Canada. When deciding whether to continue your studies this fall, please consider whether it is realistic to obtain these documents in your country at this point.


What is the full refund tuition deadline, and can I defer my studies?

To provide more time as you await a decision on your study permit application from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Memorial University has extended its deadline for full tuition refunds. New international undergraduate students (Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor students) now have until October 7, 2020 (adjusted from the original date of September 23, 2020) and international graduate students (Master’s and PhD students) have until October, 28, 2020 (adjusted from the normal date of September 30, 2020) to have your fees reversed and to receive a full refund if you have already paid your fees.

Please refer to our email communication to defer/decline your offer of admission and have you Fall 2020 fees reversed and refunded.

If you have further questions about refund policies and processes, please contact Finance and Administrative Services:


How does health insurance work for international students and can I opt in/out of the plans?

The Internationalization Office (IO) is implementing changes to the administration of the foreign health insurance plan and the option for full time international students with MCP to opt out of the foreign health and transfer to the student union plan.

Effective Fall 2020, all international students who were previously covered under their student union health plan will be reverted back to the foreign health insurance. Students can opt out of the foreign health and transfer to the student union health plan if they are registered as full time students and hold a valid MCP. To opt out and transfer, students must provide a valid MCP and complete an online opt out at between September 1 and 23, 2020. This opt out and transfer is valid for the remainder of the academic year. This means that every Fall semester, international students will be reverted back to the foreign health plan and will have to opt out again, if eligible.

Students registered for a work term in Fall 2020, will not be charged foreign health or any student union insurance and as such are not eligible to complete the opt out and transfer described above. Students on a work term in Fall 2020 must opt into an insurance plan if they are working in Canada. If you have a valid MCP, you can opt into your student union plan. If you do not have a valid MCP, you can opt into the foreign health. Remember, MCP is for coverage inside of NL. If you are out of province, you do not have MCP coverage unless you have successfully obtained Out of Province MCP Coverage. To opt into the foreign health, go to beginning September 1 and choose Purchase option. To opt into your student union insurance, visit their website. Deadline to opt in is September 23, 2020. Please note, MI students are in either Marine Institute Student Union (MISU) or Graduate Student Union (GSU).

If you are studying outside of Canada for Fall 2020, you must opt out of insurance. To opt out, visit between September 1 and 23, 2020 to complete an Outside of Canada Waiver.  If you are a graduate student, you are also automatically charged GSU dental and will need to complete a separate opt out for your dental insurance, see


Who can I contact at the Marine Institute/Memorial University for supporting documents to renew/extend my immigration documents?

Undergraduate Diploma/Certificates, Advanced Diploma and Post-graduate Certificate program applicants, please email and specify the purpose as well as the information to be included in the letter.

Bachelor degree program applicants, see:

Graduate Diploma, Master’s and PhD program applicants, see:


What should I expect for Fall 2020 and how can I get involved?

Teaching and learning environment will be remote at the Marine Institute. Orientation and Info Sessions for international students will be offered virtually throughout this fall.

Students registered with the Internationalization Office (IO) will be receiving regular emails from the office regarding news, activities, and events relevant to international students. International Students at the Marine Institute will also receive a weekly reminder from the MI International Office (MII). Information will also be promoted on the IO website, MI Current Students website and various social media platforms.


Who can I contact about further questions?

Please contact the Marine Institute International Student Coordinator, Sonia Ho, for any MI international student inquiries:

For immigration advising questions, please consult one of the IO’s immigration advisors, Natasha Clark or Arif Abu:

For any non-MI specific question, you can also use the Internationalization Office LIVE CHAT option: or email