Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Fry Family Foundation?

The Fry Family Foundation was founded and funded by Darryl and Marlene Fry, who were born and educated in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. In 1996, Darryl created five scholarships at Memorial University (MUN) to reward the accomplishments of the next generation and to recognize individuals who had inspired him. Establishing these scholarships inspired him to co-found the Fry Family Foundation with his wife Marlene in 1997.

The Fry Family Foundation helps to build stronger communities by supporting health, social causes, nature and the arts and by investing in the development of the future talent of youth through numerous scholarships. As Darryl Fry has said, "The foundation provides financial support and encouragement to passionate leaders and volunteers who do good things in the community.”


What is the Fry Family Foundation Student Leadership Initiative?

It has been shown that students who began to understand the complexities of leadership at an early stage in their university education were more likely to step forward to take a leadership approach to their own personal and professional development. The foundation of this initiative is that the Marine Institute will provide strategic opportunities for this to happen for their students. A commitment from the Fry Family Foundation in 2018 for 5 years will allow the Marine Institute (MI) to make this initiative a reality. Once the five years has been completed the Marine Institute will have fully embedded the components identified into their ongoing annual initiatives and it will be fully embraced and funded.

A Service Learning Initiative will have an approach that embraces experiential learning for students, with a particular focus on giving back to the community. Through various initiatives throughout the year there will be opportunities for students to provide service to various non-profit community groups, including learning contracts, reflective learning agreements and a focus on learning from both the student and the non-profit community agency.


What is included in the program?

The program will be comprised of learning workshops, training sessions, service opportunities, networking, personal reflection and more. MI Lead participants will be provided with numerous opportunities to observe leadership in a variety of venues and learn more about their own skill set and leadership style.

Additionally, MI Lead is working with the Office of Career Integrated Learning’s Career Advantage Program to offer career sessions throughout the semester. Please visit their website to learn more about these sessions.


Why should I participate?

Participation in the program will open the door to new opportunities that would not otherwise be available under one umbrella. MI Lead participants will have access to speaker series, workshops, service opportunities and more. Participation in MI Lead is the opportunity to understand leadership at a practical level while completing a post-secondary education. These lessons will be invaluable to personal development, building confidence, and a network.


What is required of me?

MI Lead is a flexible program that allows participants to decide for themselves the level in which they would like to attend or participate. A large variety of topics, themes, skills and service opportunities will be provided, and MI Lead participants can decide which session(s) they would like to join.


How do I learn more?

We encourage you to view content on the MI Lead website and keep an eye on MI social media accounts for more updates as they become available. In addition, once registered for MI Lead, information on upcoming activities will be sent in a newsletter.


Who can I speak with?

Please reach out to Lori Blackmore, Youth Liaison Officer, for more information. Lori can be reached at or at 709-778-0423.


How do I sign up?

Please complete this form to register.


When does the program begin?

An introduction to MI Lead session is scheduled for Monday, November 9th at 12:00pm.


Who can sign up?

MI Lead is open to all students currently enrolled as a Marine Institute student. The program is designed to ensure that students enrolled in a one-year program will have equal opportunities as students enrolled in a multiple year program.