International Students

Can I make my travel arrangements to enter/return to Canada/Newfoundland & Labrador?

Those who are entering/returning from outside the country and/or the province, should complete the arrival process outlined on the Memorial University’s Internationalization Office (IO) website:

As travel restrictions and regulations continue to change, students are advised to review the following pages for updates regularly when planning their travels:

Immigration and Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) COVID-19 Updates for International Students:

Can I travel or return home during a school break?

Please keep in mind travel restrictions and policies continue to evolve over time. In addition, you may be required to quarantine/self-isolate and should account for any time and expenses associated with these requirements. If you are not able to return in time to attend your classes in person, you may have difficulty catching up with missed classes, assignments and assessments, which may in turn impact your grades for the semester and potentially put you out of sync in your program.

Prior to your return, you should ensure you visit the following pages for updates and apply for the Memorial University’s arrival process:

Memorial University’s Internationalization Office – Arrivals 2022:

Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) COVID-19 Updates for International Students: 

Is there support on campus for International students?

Yes, Nada Abdelhalim is our International Student Coordinator. Chances are you have already heard from her or have communicated with her. Whether you just need a chat, some answers or referral to resources, she is happy to help.

Generally, Nada can be contacted Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Newfoundland time via phone, email ( or video call. To meet in person, you can drop by Room W3007-3rd Floor, West Wing of the MI Building, or book an appointment ahead of time.