Parents and Families

Can family members of MI students have a tour of campus?

There will be an in person welcome event for families of new MI students on Monday, September 4th, 2023. More details to follow.

If my student already has health and dental insurance can we opt out? 

Yes, you can opt-out online ( or by visiting the MISU office (W2042). The deadline to opt-out is September 20th, 2023.

  • Please keep confirmation email to show MISU that you’ve successfully opted out.
  • Must use your student email address
  • You may also choose to opt-in members(s) of your family (spouse, common-law, dependents).
  • For more info regarding opt-out and family opt-in’s, you can email

Is there anywhere to eat on campus?

Yes, MI does have a cafeteria. MI’s cafeteria is not part of the MUN residence meal plan; however, meal cards are available (5 hot meals for $37.50).

What do I do if my student needs accessibility services?

Reach out to Angela Rickert – Student Affairs Officer for Accessibility Services (W3025). Contact her by email to set up accommodations and register with the Accessibility Centre. 

Are there transportation services to MI?

Semester bus passes are available at the MI campus store. The bus stop is located on the first floor, between the MI and CNA campus. Routes 1,9,13,14 go to the Marine Institute.

We sell Metrobus m-cards on a 10 ride, 30 day or semester basis at the bookstore.