Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Welcome – students in graduate programs have two very important homes. You have a departmental campus home – your Academic School at the Marine Institute Campus (School of Fisheries, School of Ocean Technology, or School of Maritime Studies). Some of you may have a departmental home at other Faculties, departments at other campuses of Memorial University. You also all have a home with School of Graduate Studies.

Your campus home, Marine Institute (MI) delivers your program courses, supports your research, and helps guide you through the process of completing your program. The School of Graduate Studies governs all graduate programs at Memorial and sets policies, processes and guidelines that support students, faculty and staff as students apply, begin, progress, make changes, and eventually graduate from their program.

This site will provide details to help orient you for your graduate program, supports, and services and to your Marine Institute home.

Important Dates

September 7 – MI On-Campus Gradate Programs Orientation Session(s)

September 3 to 7 – SGS Online Orientation Sessions - - Register!

Week of September 13 – MI Online Graduate Programs Orientation Welcome *more details to follow*

Greetings from the Marine Institute

We are excited to have you join the Marine Institute community. We are hoping that the events below will help you get oriented to our campus. We have a wide range of programs that are delivered online and in person and our events will be delivered to be accessible to students studying across our suite of programs.

On-Campus Students

If you are studying in one of our on-campus programs (Master/PhD - Fisheries Science or Graduate Diploma/Master - Applied Ocean Technology) we look forward to welcoming you on campus.

September 7th
10:00 am – 12:45pm

School of Graduate Studies is offering a complete series of virtual orientation sessions: that we encourage all students to register and attend. To make these sessions accessible we will have a space dedicated for graduate students to gather and participate! To reserve a spot for this space, please email Dianne Hunt-Hall (, Graduate Student Recruiter/Graduate Student Support.

3:00 pm

Marine Institute Specific Session (Hampton Hall – C2205)

This session will cover program specific content as well as a general welcome to campus! You will meet key academic and administrative contacts as well as members of the Marine Institute Graduate Society (MIGS). We will also be providing on-campus students with a tour of campus!

4:30 pm

Pizza Social in the Cafeteria with  MIGS

Get to know your Graduate Society Reps!

Online Students

September 7th

10:00 am – 12:45pm

Many graduate programs offered at the Marine Institute are offered online. We would encourage all of our online students to register and attend the School of Graduate Studies virtual orientation happening on September 7th:

Week of September 13

More details to follow

MI Specific Online Graduate Programs Orientation Welcomes