Marine Institute Launches New Student Recruitment Strategy and Brand
Thursday, October 3, 2013

It’s a big world and the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland is inviting prospective students to explore the many opportunities available to them with a new recruitment strategy and brand that features Institute alumni in new digital, online, display and print materials.

Promoting the message “It’s a Big World. Be at the Centre of It.”, the new strategy is aimed at the Institute’s diverse student market, career and guidance counselors and parents as they consider post-secondary options in the marine and oceans industries.

Three messages are highlighted throughout the strategy -  the Institute is a world-class campus of Memorial University with leading edge facilities and relevant programs that give graduates unlimited opportunities, offers a balance of at sea and land-based career opportunities and is proud of its extensive connections to industry and alumni.

“This campaign is our boldest yet with a new direction for our recruitment strategy with refreshed branding and design for our program materials,” said Dr. Rob Shea, associate vice-president (Academic and Student Affairs) for the Marine Institute. “We invited our alumni to participate in creating our message by submitting photographs showing their career achievements and lifestyles since graduating. Their informal portraits demonstrate what graduates have attained throughout their career and educational journey, helping perspective students see their potential lives after post-secondary as they achieve their goals through a Marine Institute education.” 

This September, the Institute unveiled a new view book, lure piece, parent and guidance counselor resource book, poster and exhibition display.  Throughout this fall and winter 2014, the Institute will also launch YouTube digital pre-roll and Facebook campaigns supplemented by social media content, transit and cinema advertising in Newfoundland and Labrador and parts of Atlantic Canada.

“We believe the tone of the copy, design and photography will greatly appeal to the current generation who see themselves as successful , want to actively explore and experience everything and use social media to “curate” their online narrative through photography, status updates, etc. to tell the stories of their lives,” said Dr. Shea.

The recruitment strategy, print materials and advertising campaign were led by the Marine Institute’s Marketing and Communications Department and Office of Student Recruitment in conjunction with St. John’s based Upstream Marketing.

“After in-depth interviews with students, recruiters, parents and guidance counselors, Upstream came to us with the idea to invite our alumni to submit their photos depicting their success in their careers and lives – where they’ve been and what they’ve accomplished since graduating. We wanted to tell prospective students the story of our graduates’ lives and reflect the practical, career driven outlook of Marine Institute’s academic programs,” said Kimberley Thornhill, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Marine Institute.  “The response from our alumni was overwhelming and it is exciting to share their success stories with prospective students.”

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