MI alumna & master's candidate explore boundaries
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Research Matters‌‌‌

Paul Murray, a recent Memorial University and Marine Institute graduate, is now a supply chain engineer for the Thermal Equipment Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of composite bonding autoclaves for the aerospace and defense industries.

While he began his career in aerospace manufacturing in Winnipeg, Murray moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to advance his career. He maintained his Canadian roots by completing Memorial’s distance education programs to obtain his Bachelor of Technology and most recently, his Master of Technology Management (MTM) from the Marine Institute (MI).

“The graduate study options I found at American Universities would have required me to bolster my educational background with at least a year of additional courses,” explained Murray. “In the end, I found that the MTM program at MI offered the right mix of technical, business and organization behavior content I was looking for.”

Read about Murray’s research on page 11 of Memorial University’s Research Magazine Winter 2014.


Master’s Candidate, Hilary Rockwood began her post-secondary studies at the University of California in Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Science in marine biology. Now, she has come back to her home in St. John’s to conduct her master’s degree at Memorial and its Marine Institute (MI).

Rockwood is conducting her master’s research with MI’s Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research. Working alongside the centre’s scientists, Rockwood is focusing on the diets and spatial distributions of gadoids in southern Newfoundland waters under changing ocean conditions, driven by both global climate change and climate cycles.

Read about Rockwood’s research on page 17 of Memorial University’s Research Magazine Winter 2014.