Marine Institute Issuing Tenders for Major Development of Holyrood Marine Base
Monday, August 3, 2015

The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University has issued tenders to construct a breakwater and marginal wharf as well as reconstruct the existing wharf and install evacuation training systems at its Holyrood Marine Base.

“Since opening in 2010, the Marine Institute’s Holyrood Marine Base bas become the portal to the ocean for the Memorial University community for innovative oceans education and research,” said Glenn Blackwood, vice-president, Memorial University (Marine Institute). “This next development of the Holyrood Marine Base will be transformative as we move forward to expand our capacity to undertake critical at-sea, in-water and sub-sea education and training activities and increased collaboration with industry to cement our province’s position in the global oceans technology sector.”

The Institute will construct a hockey stick shaped breakwater/wharf with the blade tip pointing south, and breakwater on the north side in common with the berths and harbour on the south. The enclosed area will provide protected berthage for small and medium sized vessels, and a protected area where clients can continue in‐water training and testing in all but the most extreme conditions.

“Members of the Holyrood Council, together with staff, are delighted with the increased presence of Marine Institute in our Town.  Collectively, Council and staff have been positioning Holyrood to become a potential hub for innovation and research. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Marine Institute and are extremely excited to partner with them to take the lead in cold ocean research and innovation development. The additional infrastructure and installation of evacuation systems will provide tremendous opportunities for ocean technology companies to engage in Holyrood,” said Mayor Gary Goobie, Town of Holyrood. 

Upon completion of the development, the Institute will relocate all of its at-sea safety and survival training to the Holyrood Marine Base from the Southside Marine Base to take advantage of the environmentally clean waters, sheltered harbor and low traffic volume. To undertake this move, the Institute will reconstruct the existing wharf and install various evacuation systems for ocean safety and survival education, training and research.

Further development of the Holyrood Marine Base is expected with additional plans to construct a second building on the site and develop the water lot adjacent to the Holyrood Marine Base. This development will be used for various marine related training activities, and research and development on prototype ocean instruments.

Construction of breakwater, marginal wharf and the reconstruction of the existing wharf at the Holyrood Marine Base is expected to take 18 months.