Experiences of an International Intern
Thursday, March 31, 2016

Every year, the Fisheries and Marine Institute provides young Canadian graduates like Mount Pearl, NL native Shauna Curran with an opportunity to work around the globe through MI International’s International Youth Internship Program.

Ms. Curran has been working in Kenton-on-Sea, South Africa since November 2015. She’s an intern in Communications for Coastal Awareness and Conservation with Sustainable Seas Trust (SST), an NGO that focuses on sustainability and poverty alleviation through education.

“I am responsible for creating promotional and marketing materials, creating, writing, and designing web content, writing articles for blogs and local print media, running social media channels, photographing events and activities hosted by the organization and creating a book on estuaries that will be sold to raise awareness and funds for SST,” said Ms. Curran.

Ms. Curran is a graduate of Mount Pearl Senior High School and holds a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership and a Minor in Business with a concentration in Marketing from the University of New Brunswick.

“My degree focused on communications and problem solving where, in addition to my studies, I was challenged to understand and develop solutions to issues in my local and global community through consulting and volunteer work, particularly with government departments and NGOs,” said Ms. Curran.

Her post-secondary learning and associated internships sparked an interest in social development issues and solutions, and the importance of clear and creative communication in dealing with issues locally and globally.

“My dad came across the internship placements through MI International and forwarded me the link knowing my passions for travel and community development” said Ms. Curran. “Because of my wanderlust and commitment to community development, I submitted an application for the opportunity in South Africa with SST and was very lucky to receive it.”

Ms. Curran says her favourite part of the experience so far is being a part of the SST family and becoming a member of the Kenton-on-Sea community. “I’ll never forget being in such a warm (literally) and friendly environment day-to-day, and also having days where it’s my job to work on the beach,” she said.

She has learned that to effectively make change on any level, it has to start small and local and then grow outwards through community support and action.

“SST has a large and incredibly important goal to sustain our seas and alleviate poverty through education in South Africa. In order for that to happen we need the support and participation of the community here in Kenton. It is extremely fulfilling to work with SST to ignite support and engagement in Kenton and beyond,” said Ms. Curran.

Ms. Curran will finish up her internship this spring. As for her future, she says, “At 21, I am still figuring out what I want to do but at this point my future career aspirations are to find a way to combine my passions for the creative industries and telling stories through marketing and communications with my passion for social and global development. Defining the path to do that is my next exciting adventure.”

Ms. Curran describes the Internship program as an absolutely incredible opportunity. “To experience and be a part of the community in Kenton-on-Sea is a journey I will never forget,” she said.

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