Registration Goes Online for Corporate Training Clients
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Marine Institute has rolled out the second phase of its DestinyOneTM online registration system to provide corporate clients with exclusive access to register and manage their short course training programs for their employees. 

Through their own private portal, corporate clients now have the ability to select available courses from the Marine Institute’s extensive list of industrial course options, add them to their shopping cart and register their employees online.  In addition, clients will be able to schedule offerings of courses accessible to only their employees and create a portal where their employees are able to register themselves directly.

This option will be especially useful to corporate training coordinators who work closely with the Institute’s Offshore Safety and Survival Centre, for example, to plan and implement extensive and ongoing training programs for employees who undergo new and recurrent training. 

Following registration, the training coordinator and the registered employee will receive an email confirmation including instructions on how to prepare for and join the course.  Future communications leading up to the first day of class will follow providing employees with reminders and updates.  Over time, employees will be able to track their learning progress, order transcripts, copies of certificates and even organize their courses to complete a certificate program.

 “This is an exciting development in improving customer service and support for our clients and reflects Marine Institute’s commitment to quality, not only in their training courses, but in the systems used to support these courses,” stated Cody Garlie, Assistant Director, Offshore Safety and Survival Centre. 

Over the next few weeks, the Institute will be contacting clients providing them with directions on how to access their own portal and a step by step video on how to complete the registration process.  

Since its launch in May 2016, 2674 course registrations have been processed through DestinyOneTM across a range of marine safety, simulation, regulatory, fisheries and emergency response courses offered by the Institute’s schools and industrial training centres.