Be Prepared
Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The MUN Safe App has been launched for the Marine Institute campus.

The app is the most efficient and timely way to stay informed of breaking campus emergency news.

The app allows users to receive instant notifications, alerts and instructions from the Marine Institute when on-campus emergencies occur. The app also includes a variety of specific tools and resources for students, faculty and staff.

MUN Safe is available at the Google Play and Apple App Store for download on any Apple or Android device.

Users can choose the MI Campus by selecting About Preferences > Switch Campus > MI Campus.

Users should also opt for push notifications under the Notification Settings, ensuring that they will receive alerts directly on their phone in the event of an emergency.

Access to resources

The MUN Safe app gives users access to a wide variety of resources. Users can quickly contact 911, access emergency plans or report a safety or security issue.

The Support Resources section gives MI students and employees access to on-campus support services, including MI Student Affairs, Sexual Harassment Office, Accessibility Services, the Office of Career Integration Learning and more.‌

One of the other key benefits of the system is the Report feature which allows users to quickly and easily report non-emergency safety or security concerns. If you experience a near miss, accident or injury, observe a hazard, or have a security concern, please use the Report feature in the MUN Safe app to submit the details.

The Friend Walk option allows users to choose a contact in their phone to virtually walk them from one location to another. Users send a friend or family member a walk request; that person can then track their movements in real time. If anything goes wrong during the walk, their contact will have their exact location and the user has the ability to immediately make a call to emergency responders.MUN Safe App Main Body

The app also provides direct access to our emergency plans, so if you’re not sure what your role is in an emergency situation, you can find it there and be prepared.

MUN Safe Alerts

MUN Safe Alerts is a free service that delivers emergency alerts to Memorial University students, faculty and staff – as well as their friends and family – via the MUN Safe app, social media and/or email accounts during a campus emergency.

By downloading MUN Safe, choosing your campus and signing up for email and social media alerts, you can receive any campus notifications that are sent based on you campus preference and email subscription. You can sign up to receive email alerts specific to your campus as well.

Email alerts are administered by the Office of the Chief Risk Officer and Marketing and Communications. MUN Safe Alert messages will be sent only during emergency situations and the subscriber list will not be used to distribute any other type of content.

During a critical incident, a series of messages will be sent to notify the community about the situation and provide important information and instructions. When the situation has been resolved, a final “all clear” message will be sent. Memorial University students, employees and their friends and family are encouraged to check the Gazette, all campus websites and local media reports for other critical updates.