Teams race to success in MI’s seventh Model Boat Race
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

More than 100 youths competed in the seventh Model Boat Race held at the Fisheries and Marine Institute’s flume tank on Dec. 1.

Twelve teams from 11 schools navigated their boats through a slalom course set up in the Marine Institute (MI) flume tank demonstrating their vessel’s ability to manoeuvre around obstacles.Model Boat Race 2018 - Image 1

They also raced head-to-head for the title of fastest boat – and that title went to the overall winner of the competition, Clarenville High School.‌

Participating in the Model Boat Race for the first time were teams from Riverside Elementary in Clarenville and St. Anne’s High School in Conne River.

Also participating were: Ascension Collegiate in Bay Roberts; Brookside Intermediate in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s; Carbonear Collegiate; Crescent Collegiate in South Dildo; two teams from Fatima Academy in St. Bride’s; Gonzaga High in St. John’s; Heritage Collegiate in Lethbridge; and Roncalli Central High in Avondale.

“It’s amazing to see how each team rises to the challenge and comes up with a great model boat design,” said Mark Wareham, an instructor with MI’s Marine Engineering Systems Design program.

“They work together to solve problems and build operational model ships that take into consideration marine design components, physics and mathematical principles.”

While each team designs and builds their own 70-centimetre vessel, MI supplies the propulsion system.Model Boat Race 2018 - Image 2

As part of the competition, each team also produces a poster board display describing their vessel and a design booklet that includes the sketches and concepts used in the overall design and manufacture of their boat.

“The Model Boat Race really is a team effort and I want to thank everyone at the institute for their commitment to organizing another successful event,” said Jennifer Howell, Enrolment Management Coordinator at MI.‌

“It was a great day that allowed students an opportunity to not only explore their technical skills, but learn about career opportunities in marine design and operation.”

Following the event, awards were presented:Model Boat Race 2018 - Image 3

  • Overall winner – Clarenville High School;
  • Super Skipper award – David Dalton, Fatima Academy, Team 2;
  • Most innovative design – Riverside Elementary;
  • Best poster and design booklet – Fatima Academy, Team 1;
  • Most aesthetically pleasing boat – Roncalli Central;
  • Team spirit – Ascension Collegiate;
  • Fastest boat – Clarenville High;
  • Most manoeuvrable boat – Clarenville High.

The Model Boat Race is co-ordinated by the Office of Student Recruitment and the School of Maritime Studies to showcase the institute’s Marine Engineering Systems Design program and Naval Architecture program.

The event was supported by Fleetway Inc., SNC Lavalin and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Model Boat Race 2018 - Image 4