MI Commitments, Transition Program Will Guide Students into Fall Semester
Monday, June 29, 2020

The Marine Institute (MI), in collaboration with the Marine Institute Students’ Union, is making significant commitments for new and returning students this Fall 2020 Semester.

“It has been a winter and spring like no other. I am so proud of our students, faculty and staff for their effort and resilience throughout this time. The commitments that we are articulating for our new and returning students this Fall will provide a framework for our programming,” said Dr. Rob Shea, Associate Vice President, Academic.

“We’re dedicated to fostering an engaging learning experience built on strong student supports, connections to the MI community and programs and delivered by a team that is responsive to our student needs.”

MI Journey

A key element of implementing the Fall 2020 commitments is the launch of MI Journey, a transition program to assist new students with their post-secondary preparations.

MI Journey is a free, self-directed, self-paced program that students can explore to learn more about MI and what to expect in remote instruction before classes begin.

The transition program is delivered through BrightSpace, MI’s online learning management system, which can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

BrightSpace Learning

“MI Journey is an engaging, welcoming and positive experience to help every student feel as comfortable as possible with remote learning and coming to MI when they embark on their studies this fall,” explained Dr. Angie Clarke, director, Academic and Student Affairs.

Starting June 29, the first two modules, Welcome to MI and Helping You Learn Online, will introduce students to the MI community, key contacts and provide an introduction to online learning.

Five additional modules will be released in the coming weeks. Students will sharpen their math skills, access student supports and services, manage school finances and develop a connection to their program of study as they progress.


MI Journey Screen Grab

The BrightSpace interface will guide students through each of the seven different modules.


A final module Ready. Set. Go. will address how students can set up their study environment for the first week of classes and be the gateway to Fall Orientation.

A student can complete each module on their own time and information will remain in BrightSpace to be accessed at any time. Students are encouraged to complete all modules prior to September 2020.

“We want students to ask questions, reach out to us and get to know as much about MI and their programs. Understanding the tools and resources available through MI Journey will give students a great head start for a productive Fall semester,” emphasized Dr. Clarke.

Student Involvement

Creating the MI Journey has been a collaborative process.  A significant team of MI faculty and staff worked closely with student representatives from the Marine Institute Students’ Union (MISU) to anticipate questions and concerns from new students.

“The MISU provide valuable insight in understanding our students’ needs along with being a great partner to welcome new members into our inclusive and vibrant student community.” said Dr. Clarke.

MISU members and senior students will also connect with incoming students to answer questions on how to get the most out of their university experience.

Parent and Family Support

Parents and families can also get involved to support their student with information and resources provided on the MI Journey website.

Dr. Clarke highlighted “Parents and family members can empower their student to take advantage of resources, encourage them ask questions and help them transition to post-secondary studies.”

Virtual Information sessions will take place over the summer to introduce family members to the Marine Institute, get familiar with student supports and engage with MI students and representatives.

The Voyage Begins

“Entering post-secondary life is a daunting yet exciting adventure. With the current challenges, we are even more committed to providing progressive and supportive learning experience and support for all students,” stated Dr. Clarke.

“We’re looking forward to getting to know our new students and helping every person to be a successful MI student. We hope they join us on the MI Journey as a first step to providing them specific resources, tools and need to know information in one comprehensive place.”