MI Start-Up prepares students for remote Fall semester
Thursday, September 3, 2020

On Sept. 8, new and returning Marine Institute students can expect virtual welcome and information sessions from MI faculty and staff. It’s part of the MI Start-Up program which is designed to support students as they remotely transition into the Fall semester.

The MI Fall Start-Up program has been developed to provide new and returning students with key information about the expectations for the semester, technology requirements and interactive events to foster a connection to their peers and program of study.

“We know that this Fall semester is different than any other,” said Dr. Angie Clarke, MI’s director of academic and student affairs. “We are making every effort to ensure that students are provided the information and support they need to succeed.

“Developing connections to their programs and the MI community is essential and we are hoping that new and returning students take full advantage of the opportunities early in the term to virtually build meaningful connections.”

Sept. 8 kick-off

Sept. 8 kicks off with an online Q & A session for returning MI students scheduled for 10:00 a.m. followed by a welcome session for new students at 12:00 p.m.

Students will learn about the Fall remote semester and have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with key support staff, as well as resources and available supports. The Marine Institute Students’ Union (MISU) will also highlight the supports and services it provides.

Later the same day, program-specific sessions are scheduled for all first-year students in diploma programs to make connections with both their program and classmates.

MI Start-Up Fall 2020

Additional September sessions

Dr. Clarke says additional Fall Startup sessions are planned for all students during the first few weeks of this semester.

“Fall Startup won’t be like our traditional orientation for new students. We have been challenged to think differently about our returning students transition into the remote semester and develop a schedule of events inclusive to new and returning students.

“We’re also holding open sessions in the first several weeks to identify any concerns that students have. We are committed to continuous improvement and having our virtual door open.”

During the first week of classes, first-year diploma students will also have an opportunity to connect with senior students and alumni and learn more about their program. Students can ask questions about the experiences they can expect throughout their program.

The first week of classes will also feature sessions geared towards MI’s bachelor, advanced diploma and graduate populations. For a full schedule of sessions throughout September, visit:

Family session Sept. 10

Fall Startup also includes the final online session for parents and family members of new students scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 10.

During this session, they will meet the senior administration as well as learn about the resources available to support MI students throughout the term.

“We have held several sessions over the summer to address questions and concerns from parents and families. In this last session, parents will have the opportunity to ask meaningful questions about the stress of the first week because students will have had a few days of classes under their belt,” said Dr. Clarke.

During the remote Fall semester, MI’s administrators, faculty and staff are working together to connect with all students and to build a community, awareness and support for student success.

If you have questions about the MI Start-Up sessions, please contact