Geoff Whiteway receives 2021 MI Teaching Award
Monday, October 4, 2021

Geoff Whiteway, instructor with the School of Fisheries, received the 2021 Marine Institute Teaching Award during a ceremony held Oct. 4.

The annual MI award recognizes the teaching excellence of instructors who have gone above and beyond in the pursuit of teaching and learning, innovation, and leadership.

“Geoff Whiteway has demonstrated teaching excellence for more than three decades – enabling our students to thrive in a supportive learning environment and achieve their goals,” said Rob Shea, Vice-President of Memorial University (Marine Institute) pro tempore.MI Teaching Award 2021-1

“We are grateful for his commitment to going above and beyond for our students and for his contribution to making the Marine Institute a leading centre of education, applied research and industrial support for ocean industries.”MI Teaching Award 2021-2

Teaching and learning

During his 36 years as an instructor Mr. Whiteway has taught a variety of courses and programs, including chemistry, the Diploma in Marine Environmental Technology, Advanced Diploma in Food Safety and Advanced Diploma in Water Quality.

He holds a Master of Science, Bachelor of Vocational Education and Bachelor of Science from Memorial University, as well as a Diploma of Technology from the College of Fisheries, Navigation, Marine Engineering and Electronics as MI was known prior to 1992.

What students say

Mr. Whiteway is described by former students as a hard-working, engaging and patient instructor who makes learning a fun experience and provides a supportive environment in which they thrive.

“He truly cares about each and every student and wants to see them succeed in everything they do. This comes across in everything he does, whether that be teaching a class or just having a conversation with him in the hallway,” wrote one former student.

In their nomination letters, his former students say he maintains an open-door policy, goes above and beyond to provide extra help, ensures they have the resources they need to learn, and advocates for them in pursuit of professional, scholarship and award opportunities.

What colleagues say

Colleagues describe Mr. Whiteway as the epitome of teaching excellence and a resource for students and instructors alike.

“Geoff’s open-door policy for students extends to his colleagues as well, and throughout my career there have been many times I have looked to him for teaching advice. He always shares teaching methods that work for him and is eager to help others find a solution,” wrote one colleague.

For School of Fisheries’ students working on technical thesis projects, he is known as a “go-to instructor” – guiding these group projects, spending many extra hours training students on equipment and helping with any procedural problems.