Marine Institute and partners converting a new source of organic waste into commercial products
Thursday, November 24, 2022

The Marine Institute is collaborating with a pair of global companies – Ensymm UG and Co. and Future Green Solutions – to develop a new, sustainable source of processingMI-Ensymm-350px discards that can be converted into high-value compounds for the agriculture, medical and nutraceutical industries.

That new source is a common insect known as the black soldier fly (BSF). Insect farms using BSF larvae are transforming organic waste into alternative proteins and oils for aquaculture and animal feed. These insect farms produce their own waste in the form of BSF pupae exoskeletons.

Raw materialBlackSoldierFly-istock-350px

“This represents a new raw material source for chitin and chitosan as an alternative to crustacean sources, such as shrimp and crab shells,” said Heather Burke, director of MI’s Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development (CASD).

“Huge insect farms are being developed globally to breed, farm and refine these products out of this very sustainable fly that feeds on waste. These BSF farms don’t need to use other scarce foods, such as forage fish, that when used as animal feed can cause harm to the environment and wild stocks in nature.”

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