WaveCast a deep dive into all things Marine Institute
Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Every other Friday, Eugenie Jacobsen takes to the digital airwaves with an episode of WaveCast – the official podcast of the Marine Institute.Eugenie Jacobsen

The doctoral student’s biweekly podcast focus on Marine Institute research activities, post-grad careers of alumni, student career opportunities and programs.

With each episode, Ms. Jacobsen learns as much as the audience and refines her knack for communicating science stories.

‘Shooting the breeze’

“For me, WaveCast is about learning what my colleagues and peers are doing and then sharing that with other people. I just love chatting with people – shooting the breeze, that’s really what it is. I like finding the stories within science, taking one topic and piecing it together so that people are interested in it.

“I worked as a kayak guide all through high school and my undergrad, and I always found it really cool because we could talk about all sorts of things in the water. I think my science communication was really rooted in helping people understand the natural environment around them.”

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