Marine Institute signs MOU with U.K. innovation hub
Thursday, March 14, 2024

The Marine Institute (MI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Thursday with U.K.-based Plymouth and South Devon (PASD) Freeport to exchange ocean technology knowledge and explore future collaborative opportunities.MOU-May and Brett-2024

The signing took place at the Canada Pavilion during the Oceanology International 2024 conference and exhibition in London, England. The bi-annual event brings together innovators, researchers and businesses within the blue economy and ocean technology communities to share best practices and strengthen collaborative ways of working.

International collaboration

“We are delighted to partner with the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University. This MOU represents a significant step forward to establish Plymouth and South Devon, through Ocean Futures, as a global innovation hotbed and demonstrates our commitment to international collaboration,” said Richard May, CEO, Plymouth and South Devon Freeport.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Plymouth and South Devon Freeport to explore opportunities for future co-operation in expanding education and research in the oceans economy and to exchange knowledge in ocean technologies such as autonomous technology and remote operations,” said Dr. Paul Brett, Vice President of Memorial University (Marine Institute).

“The Launch is designed to build our oceans expertise and help to build a network of world-class ocean innovation centres that work together to advance the technology we need to sustainably manage our oceans.”

Knowledge exchangeMOU-May and Brett-2024 2

The MOU signifies a commitment between the two organizations to develop Ocean Futures internationally as a platform for exchanging knowledge and to encourage shared investment and standards globally, particularly in the areas of uncrewed and autonomous technology, remote operations, ocean technology, maritime cybersecurity, maritime policy and human factors. PASD Freeport is the governing body of Ocean Futures.

The collaboration will focus on areas of mutual interest, including:

  • Building relationships and partnerships to create an environment where companies and investors have the relevant information to enter new markets within the U.K. and Canada, jointly promoting investment opportunities.
  • Developing, through Ocean Futures, an international network of like-minded institutions to explore, create and share information/investment opportunities.
  • Exploring collaborative opportunities for applied research and development between PASD Freeport and MI and respective partner institutions, seeking to shape international standards and regulation in key priority areas.

Education and training

The MOU also includes objectives around education, skills, training, engagement and seeking further opportunities to bolster MI and PASD Freeport’s collective voices to influence key priority areas.

Plymouth and South Devon Freeport, as part of the U.K. government’s Freeport program, is a hub for global trade, investment and innovation. With an ambition to create a global centre of excellence for the testing, development and manufacture of autonomy, digital and clean ocean technologies for the rapidly growing global ocean economy, PASD Freeport provides the governance for Ocean Futures, which is an international marine and maritime innovation partnership, focused on global trending strategic themes and sub-sector specialisms.