Graphic Design

Graphic Design Consultation

Our graphic designers are responsible for a range of activities related to the design of various publications, the creation of varied educational materials and online course maintenance.

Designing Publications

Our talented team brings creative and technical expertise to the preparation and creation of electronic media.  ‌They design and prepare graphics and/or templates in digital and print formats to be used in publications, advertisements, presentations, displays/exhibits, social media or for reproduction; create designs for new projects; perform all aspects of design on projects from concept development, image selection and layout, through to press proofing, color profiling, file troubleshooting and all other related steps.‌

Recent projects include:  

Creating Educational Materials

Working closely with our instructional designers and content experts, they create rich visual educational resources that enhance the teaching and learning experience for both in-house and online courses. They design and implement html stylesheets, create numerous multimedia graphics, enhance powerpoint presentations and aid in the creation of screencast videos all while keeping responsive design and mobile learning in mind.

Maintaining Online Courses

Once an online course is developed, our graphic designers continue to support our instructors with ongoing course maintenance each time it is offered. This includes:

  • Preparing your course site and making routine edits

  • Copying course components forward when required, updating content and stylesheets, making slight changes as needed.

  • Ensuring all links and copyright references are current and functional

  • Troubleshooting issues with your course as necessary

  • Setting up and manage online final exams inside of our learning management system.

To learn more or to request support, contact for consultation.