Teaching and Learning

Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning

Many of our new instructors are industry experts who are new to teaching and often need support. Our instructional designers and curriculum specialists can provide the skills required to help effectively plan and deliver the curriculum, provide strategies for classroom management, and create meaningful teaching and learning experiences. We highlight the characteristics of today’s learners, explain student learning styles, discuss instructional strategies and assessment options. Instructors are encouraged to create a student-centered classroom where students are respected, engaged and eager to learn. Options for appropriate technology integration are supported and encouraged.

Online and Blended Learning

Since today’s classroom blurs the line between face to face learning and online learning, many elements of the teaching and learning experience now occur online. We encourage and help instructors explore options such as video integration, screencasting, external software applications, and assignment software packages.

We currently use the learning management system Desire2Learn (D2L) to support both face-2-face and online courses. The official and up-to-date guides and tutorials can be accessed directly from the D2L website: www.community.brightspace.com/resources. Our instructional designers regularly consult with faculty to demonstrate the tools and features of D2L.

Classroom Management Issues

Managing a classroom along with personality issues can be daunting. Today’s instructors are navigating student issues such as plagiarism and academic integrity, accommodating learning styles and learning disabilities, gender identity, mental health, support for international students, etc.  Additionally, there are teacher concerns in terms of how to create a good impression on the first day, best practices for teaching and learning, how to create a mutually respectful environment, and how to manage the class in general. The curriculum specialists and instructional designers are here for you to confidentially discuss, debate, and to suggest solutions to difficult problems.