Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management)

Master of Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management)
Skills and Interests

You want to delve deeper into the interconnected economic, political, ecological and oceanographic challenges of fisheries management.

Work Environment

Fish harvesting/processing companies, government institutes, international agencies and leading policy organizations.

Program Location:

Delivered entirely online

Program Length:

24 credit hours of course work + a major report or 30 credit hours of comprehensive course work


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Application Deadline:

Fall Admission:  May 15
Winter Admission: October 15

For More Information:

Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management) - Master's Degree brochure

Program Description

The Master of Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management) is a multi-disciplinary program of study that provides exposure to all dimensions of modern fisheries resource management.

This online program provides an understanding of relevant concepts in ecology, resource assessment, economics, business, technology, as well as fisheries policy and planning. While focused primarily on the North Atlantic, the program also deals with major world fisheries including a range of inter-jurisdictional issues.

Program Structure

Participants will complete course work offered by the Fisheries and Marine Institute, Memorial University.

Option 1 requires five core courses (15 credit hours), three elective courses (9 credit hours), and a major report.

Option 2 requires five core courses (15 credit hours) and five elective courses (15 credit hours).

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program is on a competitive basis. To be considered for admission to the program an applicant must normally have an undergraduate degree with a minimum of a high second class standing from an institution recognized by Senate.

In addition to the academic requirements above, applicants will normally have a demonstrated commitment to fisheries through employment or experience in a sector of the fishery, in a regulatory agency or government department connected to fisheries, in a non-governmental agency, or through self-employment or consulting activities related to fisheries.

Please refer to the Memorial University Calendar for descriptions and regulations for this program.

What Alumni Say

"The Fisheries Resource Management program gave me a great understanding of how our ocean resources are managed and the steps that are taken to ensure sustainability. Course instructors all have practical experience in their subject areas and were able to easily relate the material alongside current and past events. I highly recommend the program to anyone who envisions a career in protecting, sustaining and becoming involved in fisheries."

-Sheamus MacDonald
MI Student