Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management) Courses

MMS Courses

The Program can be completed in either of two ways; 8 courses plus a major report or 10 courses. Courses are separated into a core and elective structure. To graduate from the Master of Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management) Program, candidates must successfully complete either of the following programs of study:

Major Report Option
  • 5 core courses
  • 3 elective courses (a minimum of one course from each of Category A and B)
  • Major Report
Comprehensive Course Route Option
  • 5 core courses
  • 5 elective courses (a minimum of two courses from Category A and one course from Category B)

Each course will normally be offered only once in an academic year, with some courses being offered less frequently.

A waiver of a program course may be granted by the Dean of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Program Committee if the student can demonstrate that the material in the course has been substantially covered by a course taken at this or another recognized university. In such cases, the course must be replaced in the candidates program by another course at Memorial chosen in consultation with, and approved by, the Program Committee. This replacement course must be taken during the student's period of enrolment in the program.

The courses offered are as follows:

Core Courses
  • MSTM 6001 - Fisheries Ecology
  • MSTM 6002 - Fisheries Resource Assessment Strategies
  • MSTM 6003 - Fisheries Economics
  • MSTM 6004 - Fisheries Policy and Planning
  • MSTM 6005 - Overview of World Fisheries
Elective Courses - Category A
  • MSTM 6006 - Business Management for Fisheries
  • MSTM 6007 - Fisheries Technology
  • MSTM 6008 - Social and Philosophical Issues of Fisheries Management
  • MSTM 6009 - Current Issues for Sustainable Fisheries
  • MSTM 6010 - Legal Aspects of Fisheries Resource Management
Elective Courses - Category B
  • TECH 6022 - Communication and Conflict Resolution in a Technical Environment
  • TECH 6023 - Strategic Planning, Policy, Participation and Management in Technical Operations
  • TECH 6033 - Quality Systems
  • TECH 6034 - Project Management in the Offshore, Health, Fisheries and Engineering Technology Environments
  • TECH 6039 - Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
  • MARI 6044 - Marine Environment Law and Pollution Control
  • MSTM 6056 - Management for International Development
  • MSTM 6071 - Management of Aquaculture Technology
Major Report

The Major Report will normally be undertaken towards the end of the program. The report provides an opportunity to synthesize an original perspective on a selected fisheries issue through the examination of appropriate literature and other sources of information. Normally the report will be multi-disciplinary in nature and will result in a document equivalent to a publishable periodical journal article or a consultant's report on a particular issue.